13 thoughts on “Hey Spider-Man!

  1. Huh. Isn’t the btok what Spidey’s showing off just to the right of the sound ef — Oh, never mind. I wasn’t even here.

  2. Hey Shocker! Which legendary female Motown singer has managed to keep her svelte figure after all these years?

  3. >> BTOK! is the new TCB!

    I like Brian Theodore O’Kiley as well as anybody, but I don’t think anyone can replace TCB on Monster Plus.

  4. I don’t remember this at all, and I usually have photographic memory when it comes to pop culture references in ’60s Marvel comics I’ve read.

  5. I remember this and I’m woefully unread in the arena of classic Spider-Man. It’s one of the issues that was reprinted in the “Origins of Marvel Comics” paperback. Spidey and Shocker are squaring off over some tablet doohickey that Shocker stole (from the Kingpin? I know Fisk was involved behind the scenes somehow).