16 thoughts on “Hey! Teacher! Leave Batman Alone!

  1. Was this another origin retcon? He became a bat to strike fear in the hearts of criminals, and also in that professor who abused him at prep school?

  2. That’s not actually Golden Age Batman. That’s my PhD supervisor at his last conference.

    We’re really trying to get him to stop dressing up like Batman when he gives talks.

  3. Safe word? The only safe word Golden Age Batman recognizes is “I surrender! I’ll go straight! I’ll devote my life to helping orphans if for the love of all that’s holy you’ll just stop beating me!”

    And even then it almost never works.

  4. In a saner world, Bob Haney would have written a twelve issue Maxi-series called BATMAN/JACK BAUER.

  5. Wait … how did that guy get The Joker’s pants?!

    It’s one of Hugo’s least successful clothing-oriented psych ploys.

    (Though not nearly as disasterous as the time he confronted Batman in Martha Wayne’s wedding gown.)

  6. Is that Grandad Liefeld’s art work, or is there an in-story reason for Hugo Strange to have two left feet?