11 thoughts on “I Am So, So Sorry

  1. Yeah, for someone who always seams so well prepared `palamino’ isnt a very good safeword for Bats to choose, I mean I yell that out accidentally all the time. Hey maybe the last three (prior to Tomasi’s) runs on Nightwing can be explained by the writers involved having a similar beliefe to Grant Morrison, that all the old stuff is still in continuity, but she tried to bring back the golden age by making Dick a masochistic emo whiner, whereas Grant just makes Bruce crazy.

  2. Okay, I gotta know the context behind this one. Why-oh-WHY would Batman ever need to truss Robin up like a punching bag AND give him a safeword to say in a normal, non-S&M-related situation?

    I mean, jings, Riddler walks in on that, he’d just give the two an odd look and walk right back out, forever a changed man.

  3. Just in case you’re eating, I won’t say one of the slang acceptions in Spanish for “palomino”.

    But it sure adds to the enjoyment of the scene

  4. Just be glad Dr. Wertham didn’t spot this one. If he had, Jack Kirby would have spent the 60s on Little Dot for Harvey Comics.

    (On the bright side, she would have been drawn like Barda.)

  5. I wonder if Batman gave Robin a stern talking to immediately following this situation or just blew off putting his partner in uncomfortable positions as usual.

  6. Reading this in an Adam West voice makes it even better.

    Or is everyone already doing that? I guess this may be superfluous.

  7. Yeah, I read all my Batman comics in Adam West voice, out loud and everything, including the RedRain/Bloodstorm/Crimson Mist trilogy and Dark Knight Returns.

    “This isn’t a mudhole… It’s an operating table. And I’m the surgeon.”