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I spent all weekend working to get ahead so that I can go to XCon in Myrtle Beach next weekend with a clear conscience, but now that I’ve got a minute, I figured it was time for my usual brand of self-promotion to return. Here’s what I worked on since the last time I plugged myself (non-sexually):

First up, the Superman Movie Review series continues at ComicsAlliance! David and I were joined by Matt Wilson for our review of Superman III, Part One and Part Two, in which we all came to the conclusion that it is unquestionably the best of the franchise. People reacted about as well as you’d expect. This week, David and I launch into Supergirl starring Helen Slater, which is why there’s an image of Kara Zor-El looking at what appears to be a space-vibrator at the top of this post.

I also made some Mother’s Day Cards for your favorite super-heroes, which… uh… probably would’ve been a little more relevant if I’d linked to them last Sunday. Whoops.

As far as actual comics go, here’s another article about why I love Archie’s Mega Man series, which has replaced IDW’s Dungeons & Dragons as the book I’m surprised that I look forward to the most every month.

In last week’s Ask Chris, I restrain myself and only talk about Why Batman Loves Die Hard for only half the column, before mentioning a few other super-heroes’ favorite movies.

And finally, I saw The Avengers and enjoyed it, but didn’t think it was perfect. So I wrote a review that I thought was pretty positive but pointed out some of the things I didn’t care for, and long story short, I ended up installing Comment Blocker so that I can pretend comment threads just flat-out don’t exist. As always, you guys are cool. It’s all those other people I’m improving my life by ignoring. Promise.

Those are the highlights, but there’s more at CA that you can find by clicking on my byline on any article, or by following me on Twitter, where I constantly plug every single thing I do. I know, I make it sound super-appealing!!

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