20 thoughts on “Inexplicable.

  1. What the fuck?

    No, seriously, what the fuck, Boy Wonder?

    That dude has a gun and you wear a brightly colored costume. This is not the time to start up that golf ball salvage business so you can afford some long pants.

  2. “I’m going to SHOOT THE FUCKING SUN AT YOU.”
    “Okay. I’m just gonna play with some balls.”

  3. Clearly, Robin is going to throw the golf ball so that it plugs up the barrel of the thug’s — the thug’s — what the fuck is he holding, anyway? It looks like a theodolite. Why is an enraged road surveyor attacking Robin on a golf course?

  4. No no – the thug can only blow daylight through Robin if he’s between Robin and the sun, so Robin’s gonna make the thug think that golf ball is really the sun, and then he’ll sneak around behind him while he’s distracted, and… and…

    Nah. It’s just pure LSD talking there.

  5. Look, you’re all just being silly. Clearly the thug means that he’s going to shoot robin and that daylight will be able to pass through the hole the bullet creates, but that robin plans to foil said plan by plugging the bullet hole with the golf ball, thusly blocking the daylight. Duh.

  6. I’m still not convinced that thing is a gun. Maybe he means “Fleshlight.” I think Robin is pretty sure he means “Fleshlight,” hence the golfball.

  7. Umm, 1941 was not the silver age. But hey, Robin found a golf ball. Pretty neat.

    Batman fell in quality pretty quickly after its 1939 debut. From Dark Avenger to Friendly Caped Policeman in less than 2 years. By 1941, it had fallen from The Joker, Hugo Strange, Clayface and the Monk to lugs with guns and golf ball collecting.

  8. 1) Artie Simek – you made tea run out of my nose with the theodolite gag

    2) Why is Robin’s head so large? Is it really Ultimate Pete Wisdom auditoning to work on kids telly?

    3) Having the daylight blown through you is the most provacative gay chat up line since Liberace hung up his mink cape.

  9. Never mind bullets, guns or golf balls! Can’t you see the sun in the background? It’s swelling… swelling… it’s going to engulf the earth! We’re DOOMED!! DOOOOMED!!

  10. The ironic thing is, this sunny golf course is the one place on Earth where Robin’s costume might work as camouflage.

  11. C’mon people, get with it. This panel clearly shows that Robin is such a bad-ass that he is so unconcerned with a man threatening him with a gun that he’s just gonna play golf. And he didn’t even bring his own ball. He’s going to steal someone else’s.

  12. Man, the euphemisms for pederasty you had to find back in the `40s…

  13. Perhaps Robin and Random Thug A are auditioning battle cries, to work in The City.