It’s My Birthday!



By the time you read this, it’ll be August 12th, or as we like to call it around here, Christmas 2. Yes, on this very date back in 1982, my mom and dad debuted a new family member to what I am assured were mixed reviews. Still, little did they know that their little bundle of face-kicking joy would grow up to achieve an incredibly tiny amount of subcultural fame by making jokes about Destro on the Internet.

Which, needless to say, I’m totally not doing tonight.



You tell ’em, Julie!

70 thoughts on “It’s My Birthday!

  1. Yay, Chris I’ll be sure to kick someone in the face or bowl over a large group of henchmen in an OMAC like fashion. May your birthday be the most awesome thing ever.

  2. You’re only 26? Man, you kids today. Don’t know how good you have it. When I was your age, we didn’t have no Final Crisis…we had Countdown to Final Crisis, and we were happy to have it.

    Actually, we weren’t, but that’s not the point.

  3. Happy b-day! And incidentally, thanks for the quality scan of like my favorite Scott Pilgrim panel ever (or at least favorite from the awesome color section). Yoink!

  4. happy birthday! I don’t post here a lot (or at all, maybe… idunno) but I’m an avid reader!

  5. May your birthday be filled with machine-gunning gorrilas and chuck norris jokes, coz god knows you don’t get enough of that.

    Let me echo the sentiment that your special day be an awesome one.

  6. I’ll point out that the Barry Allen debuted twenty-six years after Jay Garrick. So I think you all know what that means…

    Silver Age Chris Sims!

    I can’t wait for their inevitable team-up!

  7. Happy presents and free cake day, Sims! Hope you get a terrifying novelty cake shaped like Batman or something!

  8. Happy birthday, Sims. May the next 26 years worth of Previews bring you more horrifying Japanese statues and hilariously ugly t-shirts.

  9. Hippo birdies two ewe!

    I know how you feel about Spidey Super Stories the comic, but I’m not sure if you like the “Electric Company” original version… anyway, I finded you this link on teh intertubes:


  10. Happy birthday. As a side note about Scott Pilgrim, when asked what comics he reads these days at a lecture he was giving, Scott McCloud talked about how Scott Pilgrim was his favorite book out there these days.

  11. How could we both have been born in 1982, and yet you look so much older than I do?

  12. Well huzzah to ye, good sir. You happen to share a birthday with two AWESOME people, my mom and my nephew. So I will have to eat 3 large slices of cake today in honor of all of you. Plus one to grow on.

    mmmmmmm, cake.

  13. 50 Cent might not give a fuck that it’s your birthday, but I do. Happy Birthday Sims.

  14. And now I know how far to go back to get you when you’re at your most vulnerable.

    (Happy Birthday, dude.)

  15. “Campbell’s a big wheel?”

    Must be an alternate reality.

    Remember, nothing says “birthday celebration” like a drunken joyride on I-26 in a wheelchair. Enjoy, sir!

  16. 26! Sweet Rao, when I was your age, we didn’t have blogs! We didn’t even have snark! Anyway, happy birthday, and have fun!

  17. Happy birthday, and please make the most of the blessings of the OH CHRIST I JUST NOTICED THE SEVERED HEAD IN SUPERMAN’S CLOSET WHAT THE HELL SIMS

  18. So..
    do you get to deliver 26 kicks to somebody’s face, or do we get to give YOU twenty-six Birthday Kicksâ„¢? I’m confused, but I’ve got my Kickin’ Shoes on regardless.

    Happy Invincible Super-Birthday, Sims!

  19. Happy Birthday! Look, Batman’s throwing a special birthday battery through your window, just for you!

    (Wait, that might not turn out well.)

  20. coincidentally, it’s my birthday too! happy birthday to the awesomest people born on the most frabjuous of days!

  21. I was going to write something all snarky and harsh, but even you deserve a great birthday, free from my b.s.!

    Have a facekickingingly good time!


  22. DUDE! My birthday was the 1st and I turned 25, so any advice you can give me would be cool.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHRIS! for you, tonight I wear my “Bad! Real Bad!” t-shirt

  23. happy birthday man, you’re site makes me laugh most every day, thanks for that and have yourself a great Christmans 2!


  24. Happy Birthday! The mini-comic book I commissioned from Laurell K. Hamilton and her comic artist should be there before midnight! I specifically asked for lots and lots of overdeveloped thighs!

  25. Many more of them, Mr Sims.

    ( You give US a present for your birthday, that doesn’t seem fair. )

  26. Gooba wins! Hooray for Gooba!

    And your birthday gift – your very own Deadly Evolutionary Buzz-Saw Blades – are in the mail.

    The space mail.

  27. Have an awesome birthday, Chris!

    (actually, by now, it’ll all be over bar the hangover)