19 thoughts on “J. Jonah Jameson vs. Godzilla

  1. This book is also awesomely cheap at most cons/larger retailers. Suffering from a tragic lack of demand(Damn Skrulls!), a sad(and cheap!) copy is waiting for every good girl and boy.

  2. Oh, Jolly Jonah! What did the First Amendment ever do to deserve someone as awesome as you? You know who else would get right up in the grill of a 200′ tall radioactive fire-breathing Tyrannosaurus? No one. Maybe Thor, but that’s it, and he’d have to be pretty drunk.

  3. I got the impression with those last couple issues of Godzilla they just said, “Screw it!” and threw in every crazy thing they could think of. And it was brilliant.

  4. baal, maybe that guy wasn’t guilty, but whoever did it needs to be stepped on by Godzilla. Twice.

    (See how I tied it all back together there?)

  5. J period Jonah period fucking period Jameson PERIOD.

    Triple J would defeat Batman with the shark-chuks the best way: discredit him in the media.

  6. “You can’t fool me by dressing up as a Bat, Spider-Man! Just like I saw through your crappy Godzilla costume!”

  7. Hey, Spiderman and Batman both go around swinging from buildings, right?
    J.Jonah Jameson knows better.