62 thoughts on “Just a Reminder…

  1. Ok, so I guess this was worth waiting a week for. Congrats, Chris! Oh, but I still reserve my right to be grumpy to you about making me go 6 days without new ISB content.

  2. That was SO a dirty trick! I’ve been gnashing my teeth, rending my garments and bemoaning to the gods since last week! I feel betrayed. Though, granted, not betrayed enough to stop reading.

  3. I think we can all breathe a sigh of relief now that we can all stop contemplating what life would be like without your unique foot-to-face action-style blogging.

  4. Poor Dave Campbell. Just when he thought he’d eliminated his competition for King of the Comicsblogodome, you have to go and get your own domain. This can’t end well.

  5. Happy days, now to turn you into a zombie so that you may post forever!

    For the betterment of humanity!

  6. Who else would be suitable for sponsoring this page but a comics featuring an undead astronaut?

  7. I still think you should try out for Laurell K. Hamilton’s: Antia Blake: Vampire Hunter: The Broadway Musical: A One-Man Play

    Congrats on the new domain. It still has that straight-from-ICANN smell. {sniff sniff} mmm… DNS-y.

  8. Say…. This is nice.

    I like how you made Kevin Church’s site an extension of yours in the link to the right. You’ve come this far, might as well make the blogosphere your own.

  9. I didn’t think it was possible for me to like the ISB more, but honestly? Learning that you’re reading Plum just made your stock jump, dude.

  10. Wait! When I enter “awesomeness” or “kicks to the face” in that little search window at the top of the page, it says “Not Found”.

    Are you sure this is the ISB?

    (Seriously – good looking website! And I like the prominence of the Flashback Universe ad)

  11. *wipes feet first unlike Palette the savage*

    Scared me for a second. My heart… was in my throat.

    Finally, a place to meet where instead of greeting one another with handshakes, we get patented kicks to the face.

  12. Congrats on the new digs. I see by the “Reading…” box that I’m not the only one that dug Bully’s recent Wodehouse post.

  13. Welcome back, and thanks for giving us geeks something to look forward to again.


    This is so awesome, I’m gonna have to punch a chain saw wielding midget just to celebrate.

  15. This is awesome. I am now freaking out!

    And double thumbs up on the Wodehouse. Between you, Bully, and Mr. Rients, I find myself in fairly good company.

  16. Thank goodness. I thought Ralph’s curse had struck again when he emailed you the Batman film. When he writes in – things get cancelled. Fantastic Force, Captain Marvel Vol 4, Transformers: Hearts of Steel (okay the last one was a mini series but that’s not the point).

    Like the spiffy new look to the ISB, long it may it continue.


  17. Your showmanship is comparable to that of PT Barnum… kicking a thug in the face!
    Hmmm, for some reason that image seems somewhat familiar to me.

  18. congrats.

    because i am lazy, i typically type “the-isb” into my address bar and hit ctrl+enter to get to the site so i saw this before the final page over at the blogspot address. it’s looking good and it was great to be greeted w/a kick in the face.

  19. congrats on the move!

    If you need any help getting that couch up the stairs, I really don’t know you well enough yet to make that kind of commitment.

  20. Let me be the first brasilian to salute you man. And please, don’t forget Jimmy Olsen.

  21. The fact that the new site has informed me that you enjoy both girl clown violence and Jeeves and Wooster simultaneously has won my heart.

    The ISB: Ever Onward, Ever Upward!

  22. Congrats on the BIG move!

    I know it’s not an easy thing to do.

    The ROM-spectacular will look EVER so much better here!

    Now, please pass the booze!


  23. you are my personal hale-bopp comet. upon seeing you, i put on my special adidas of heaven and don spandex jumpsuit of tomorrow. the poison i now sup, i sup in your name. huzzah! huzzah unto thee!

    also, explosions.

  24. It could be a trap…don’t get too comfortable. Kevin Church is a crafty man.

  25. Let me be the 43rd to congratulate you on the new awesomeness. Looking foward to this week in ink.

  26. Sweet. It’s invincibly super. We knew you’d hoist all that machinery before the water rose too high.

    So comic blogdom is safe!

    …but for HOW LONG???

  27. Now I have to change my bookmark. DAMMIT! Congratulations on graduating from blogger to a “real” website! As the ysay in the X-men, “Hope you survive the experience!”

  28. Eh. You got me for à moment, Chris. I spent a week of sorrow and loneliness.
    But you’re back, this is awesome, and France, which I’m from (spare me the joke, please) and my willy are happy.

  29. I had suspicions when you were hosting images from this site a couple months ago.. excellent change! Remember to give this one an OMAC favicon too, though – OMAC always gets first click in my bookmarks.

  30. as if you were ever gonna leave us. with our people, or “sleepers” as i like to call them, positioned all over the globe, and all you’ve taught us about face-kickery, you wouldn’t dare.

    place looks great.

  31. Ahh, so it was the old “get your old domain” ploy after all. A nice new home for kicks to the face and punching several people at once, OMAC style.

  32. That should read “get your OWN domain”…maybe OMAC hit me in the face, it would explain the typo…

  33. Great, how the hell am I supposed to bag and board the archives?

    At least in post-Domain Name continuity Batman still favors the car battery.

  34. You mean you’re NOT restarting the Volstagg site?


    But seriously (SPOILERS AHEAD):

    If Tony Stark could inject She-Hulk with nanites that prevent her from hulking out, couldn’t he have also used them on, oh, I don’t know…..

    HER COUSIN????

    He would have been the first man Bruce Banner ever made out with if he had done that.