14 thoughts on “Just A Reminder…

  1. yanno, it does seem like about half or at a third of jimmy’s stories do in fact involve a love interest of some kind. be it a viking robot, lucy lane, or some other dame created just for one use in a single story, jimmy’s got babes out the yin-yang. they be all upons.

  2. You know it’s just because he stole a mind-control ray gun or something. Olsen ain’t got no game.

  3. Man, that expression just says “Highest bidder gets some!”

  4. Maybe it’s the lack of color, but this panel makes Jimmy look a bit like a young Foggy Nelson.

    Luckily, Foggy didn’t get The Deuce’s mojo. If he had, the offices of Nelson & Murdock would have made Peyton Place look like Riverdale.

  5. Jdude, Im pretty sure in the DCUs version of morality during ages past a mind-control ray gun is considered a compeltely legitimate form of courtship, and thus would not disqualify someone from `the game’.

    But I think its the tie. Or the elasti-lad powers if you know what im saying.

  6. I’ll have to concede on those grounds . . . and drink until I’m not depressed about this being okay while the SHRA isn’t.

  7. I think it’s the Elasti-Lad powers. Jimmy just sits in the corners, licks his eyebrows, and the women, they come a-runnin’.

  8. Definitely the stretching. Why do you think Sue started calling Reed “Mr. Fantastic”? I’m just surprised that made it past the Comics Code.

  9. How come the old “bland” “characterless” Jimmy is so much more interesting than the one we’ve been seeing since the 80s?