Kick-Ass In 60 Seconds



Normally I wouldn’t be going back to the well so soon, but with the movie on the way and the hardcover unavailable to comic book stores, the time seemed right for Kick-As In 60 Seconds!

Enjoy, and make sure to catch the comments, where what little points I’m attempting to make are going to be purposefully misinterpreted by my readers. It’s sure to be a classic!

8 thoughts on “Kick-Ass In 60 Seconds

  1. Brilliant: “So reply to this comment with your cries of racism and I will surely show you (or at least try because it seems you are all just hating for the sake of hating) that the racism just simply isn’t there and maybe it’s you who should take a look in the mirror.”

  2. Racist or not, Kick Ass is a crap story. These days, Mark Millar has a style, and very little else; and it wore out its welcome 4 years ago.

    Spot on, Chris.

  3. What Chris so aptly points out about Kick-Ass is why I haven’t picked up anything new by Frank Miller.

    Even if it isn’t racism, it is lazy writing at its very worst. A tired march into the sea of cliche after cliche cribbed from old novels, old movies and bad comics. And it’s been done by better writers, as Chris also points out.

    The only thing Millar does better is pimp himself out to the highest bidder.