27 thoughts on “LawyerOff 2K7: Murdock v. Wright, Round One

  1. The world needs a true battle of the lawyers. Phoenix Wright, Matt Murdock, Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer… it would be epic.

  2. Not only Birdman, but also She-Hulk and Jackie Chiles, the lawyer from Seinfeld.

    It’d be a battle for the ages!

  3. And let’s not forget Kate Spencer…

    (Dan D. says that Manhunter will start up again as soon as Andreyko (sp?) has enough scripts turned in to start it up.)

  4. Over-ruled! He’s blind and therefore doesn’t realize that cobbler is just pie that you’ve put in a cake pan because you screwed up the crust but now you have to salvage it because you’re mother’s coming over and you want to show her that you’re not gay, except that making a pie might not have been the way to go, and probably the whole idea of baking as a way to confirm one’s heterosexuality is a bit off base to begin with. Anyway, continue your questioning, counselor. Nice Brendon Small hair, by the way.

  5. I just realized: DD’s wife is in jail for murder, and he’s grinning and gulping down cobbler?

    I mean: isn’t that Foggy’s job?

  6. Can we have Barbara Gordon as an hidden character or summat? Only, she did obtain a law degree via Yale’s correspondence course, if we recall from the Bruce Wayne: Murderer storylin..

  7. There’s a Harvey Birdman game from Capcom being done in the style of Phoenix Wright. But you probably already know that.

    It’s due out in November.

  8. Fed up with being the fat, semi-useless, hasn’t-gotten-laid-since-Liz-Osborn-dumped-his-ass member of the duo, Foggy Nelson quit and leaked Matt Murdock’s secret identity to the media. Ho-boy, I can’t wait to see MM get out of that one!

    Co-chairing with Mr. Murdock is Jean Loring.