24 thoughts on “Lois and the Internet, Sittin’ In a Tree…

  1. Oh, for those days when you could don khakis and a pith helmet, step into a jungle, and immediately trip over dinosaurs, cro-magnons speaking Bizzaro, and hot cavegirls with Cover Girl complexions.

  2. I like the way Blog, clearly unused to acting in comics, is watching the artist…

  3. davidm, that’s not Blog. He doesn’t even appear in those panels. Picture a neanderthal Alfred E. Neumann to get the effect.

    Kurt Schaffenberger managed to capture the visage of the typical blogger nearly fifty years before such a thing existed. He was a true visionary.

  4. What up with Clark’s right leg? Is there kryptonite in his bulging pocket, causing the leg to atrophy or something?

  5. “The average caveman isn’t indestructible”.

    No, just Vandal Savage, Klag, the frozen Caveman, the Caveman from Krypton, Captain Caveman…

    Come to think of it, nigh-invulnerable Cavemen are everywhere.

  6. That first panel is a perfect example of how very nearly all of the “Superman’s Girlfriend, Lois Lane” stories could be summed up in a single panel —

    Clark, wearing his Superman costume but sporting the Kent hairstyle and glasses, pointing at Lois with that shit-eating smirk on his face, going “HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Lois, you dumb bitch.”

  7. Second that, Orange Tabby – just what the hell is that bulge on the OUTSIDE of Clark’s pants? I’m surprised Lois can still walk normally!

  8. Superman was always willing to basically sell Lois into slavery at the drop of a hat throughout the 30s, 40s, and 50s.

  9. It’s her own fault, this time, for tearing her safari pants. Clark can’t reasonably be expected to continue his safari with someone in torn pants.

  10. That thing on Clark’s leg is part of the pants. Back in the day, guys had these weird things on their pants that made them look like they had thunder thighs. Part of the territory.

  11. Chris, I was quite sure your deejay name was DJ Haunted Vagina Facekick… or is that only when you open for Josie and the Pussycats?

  12. I think Haunted Vagina Facekick is his wrestling name. His signature move is NSFW.

  13. Jodhpurs that maintain their shape even when half the pant leg has been ripped away? Truly, the sixties were the age of innovation!

  14. Blog is also a trditional drink in NYC fandom, served at most fannish parties. It’s made from an assortment of fruit juices, vodka, Sprite (or any other clear carbonated soda) and a block of dry ice.