Marvel Brothel Takes All The Fun Out of Pimping



If you’ve been reading ComicsAlliance for a while, then you may have tumbled to the fact that CA Editor-in-Chief Laura Hudson occasionally makes me experience something terrible. First it was the Marmaduke movie, then it was Jonah Hex, and now, it’s Marvel Brothel, the game where Professor X pimps out the ladies of the X-Men to further Mutant Rights.

Formerly offered as a free download, it’s been pulled down due to what I can only assume were incredibly obvious reasons, but not before ComicsAlliance grabbed a copy and sat me down in front of it to see how good I was at managing the super-powered Ladies of the Night.

Despite the salacious content, the game itself is actually pretty boring, though as you’ll see, it does bring more than its fair share of bat-shit insanity to the table. So enjoy, as I play through it so that you don’t have to!

2 thoughts on “Marvel Brothel Takes All The Fun Out of Pimping

  1. The game sounds squalid, tedious, and all about money. Why aren’t more depictions of prostitution this realistic?