Mike Sterling’s Robot Uprising

Those of you who read Mike “Sugarbear” Sterling’s Progressive Ruin daily–and if you don’t, then seriously: get on it–may have noticed that in his latest post, Sterling included a picture entitled “Why Must the World Make Robot Mike Cry?”

Well, never let it be said that the ISB won’t come to the aid of its friends, or the robot simulacra thereof!

That’s right, I don’t know which of you are out there giving Robot Mike a hard time, but the next time you do it, you’re gonna have to deal with this guy:



And I warn you: he was Designed Only For Awesome.

12 thoughts on “Mike Sterling’s Robot Uprising

  1. Ah, but Robot Chris is not a Mental Organism Designed Only for Awesome, so I have little to fear.

  2. So does that make it RCDOFA or just DOFA?

    Because both are silly to say.

  3. He’s a MODOA, of course, pronounced slightly different from Tyler Perry’s famous character:

    A Metal Organism Designed Only for Awesome.

    And yes. I mean metal: \m/

  4. “Awesome” sneers at your puny attempts at definition. Robot Chris can do anything he likes, so long as it is awesome.

  5. Hey I picked up Dark Xena on yur say-so and it WAS PDG! (Pretty Darn Good). Then the shop guy said I needed to buy all the Illuminati and related stuff or the Marvel universe would never make sense to me again. I said “Can’t I just buy the trades?” but he said “Shut Up!” so I bought it all and now my poo hole is an OWey. But thanks again for the Xena recommend!

  6. “Robot Chris needs to transform into a self-throwing car battery…”

    Pshaw, that’s nothing. Robot Chris can shoot self-returning car batterangs.