Mug Shots: The Punisher’s Weirdest Villains



Today at ComicsAlliance, I’m preparing for the bone-crushing finale of Jason Aaron and Steve Dillon’s first arc on PunisherMax with a look at the weirdest Punisher villains ever created!

Yes, from babysitters trained in the art of lucha libre (or as I call them, luchaupairs) on down to Garth Ennis’s human tanks, I’ve once again proved that reading 300 Punisher comics in two weeks is probably my most marketable job skill.

6 thoughts on “Mug Shots: The Punisher’s Weirdest Villains

  1. Big deal, he punched a bear. Hal Jordan punched a bear with his HEAD and a handy bee hive!

    On the other hand, this IS an awesome picture. The look on that poor bear’s face!

  2. I remember Jigsaw showing up during the “Suicide Run” story-arc where Punisher essentially blows up an office building to take out a giant meeting of various crime bosses. He goes to the group meeting at the start, hears their pitch for taking on Frank, then calls them all nuts and walks away…

  3. That poor bear.

    “Hi, Frank! Great costume. So, listen… I have some coffee brewing and there’s a pie -”
    ” – owwwwwwww. But… but why?”

    He’s not mad, he doesn’t really look injured… just sad, a bit disappointed. He just wanted to give you pie, Frank! * snif*

  4. I think Dillon modeled the bear’s facial expression on George Kennedy in The Naked Gun, when Drebbin shoots him in the neck with the dart.

  5. the dominating thought I had after reading this was `come on man, lundgren would destroy jane and stevenson in a real fight, its not even worth thinking about’. Then I thought I owe it to the internet gods to reveal my missing the point shame. Sorry.