Number One With a Silver Bullet



Today on ComicsAlliance, I’m prepping for the oncoming lycanthropocalypse by bringing you a roundup of the best and worst werewolves in comics!

There are a few left out (most notably Sea-Wolf, the Roy Thomas-created underwater Nazi werewolf, because even I can barely believe that happened) but there’s plenty of fun to be had in the article, including a joke I stole (with permission!) from pal Matt Wilson of The ISS!

So enjoy it, and keep in mind that today, it was my actual, literal job to talk about Capwolf. For real.

11 thoughts on “Number One With a Silver Bullet

  1. The thing that I remember most about Werewolf by Night is that sometime during that first essential volume there was a period where the full moon lasted a week and a half. Any werewolf that has to cheat like that doesn’t deserve a rating.

  2. That Man-Wolf cover is the most Metal thing I have ever seen. And that’s before finding out he’s related to J. Jonah Jameson.

  3. I think an “Unknown” rating may have been too generous to Marv Wolfman. It’s true that he is not, himself, a lycanthrope, but he IS the guy who created Terry Long so that he could imagine himself dating Wonder Girl. That should give him the lowest possible rating in most things.

  4. You clearly gave up on reading Wolf-Man before the title character’s robut ally transformed into a jetpack so he could chase down and stop the giant monster who lived under Stonehenge (which was, in reality, his crown) raised by a guy whose third eye shoots lasers. Because that shit was the bomb, yo.

  5. Man Wolf made an appearance in last month’s Nova. Or was it Guardians of the Galaxy? One of them, anyway,

  6. It was Nova. Chris devoted his Week In Ink review of the book to talking about how awesome John Jameson is.