Off to HeroesCon!



This weekend, I’m heading up to Charlotte for my annual trip to HeroesCon, and if you live anywhere in the Southeast, you oughtta do the same, as it’s a fantastic show.

I’ll be up there all three days representing the ISB and the Action Age, and while we didn’t get a table this year, I’ve loaded up the Netbook with some never-before-seen finished pages from Woman of A.C.T.I.O.N., and we’ll have some promotional material for The Hard Ones and some projects we haven’t even mentioned on the site!

So please, if you see me wandering around the convention (or most likely, if you see me hanging around Matt Fraction’s table desperately trying to lure him into a conversation about who he likes better, Philly Boy Roy or the Gorch) feel free to come over and introduce yourself.

Chad’ll be up there on Saturday and Sunday only, but I’ll be around all three days, rolling with my homeboy Dr. K. And just for reference, we look like this:



If you’re there, say hi! And if you’re not, I’ll be posting pieces from my convention sketchbook from past years while I’m away, so don’t break nothin’ while I’m gone.


For a better idea of what I look like when I’m not wearing my glitter crown, check out last year’s post.

11 thoughts on “Off to HeroesCon!

  1. Mr. Sims, your sparkly photographs and netbooks and other assorted paraphernalia are nothing short of a delight.

  2. Have fun, Chris. I’ll be going to Wizard World since it’s closer. I’ll be saving the big dough for CCI next month. Maybe next year, I’ll come back to Charlotte. I never did get fully acquainted with the city.

  3. Man, that little walk down memory lane made me a bit misty eyed. Makes me wish I would actually be able to make it up there this year.

    Hope you guys represent to the fullest.

  4. That animated GIF is all you need to start up a used car dealership in over 23 states.

  5. give that hat back to Jughead right now, young man!