Offered (Mostly) Without Comment

Your Spidey Super Stories Moment of Joy–or at least, a vague and persistent discomfort–for tonight:



It should be noted that Dr. Doom swears revenge in the very next panel, which can be seen in all its glory in the pages of SPIDEY SUPER STORIES #45. This, of course, is possibly the greatest of all Super Stories, as it brought us both “Like Sugar and Spice…” AND the Queen of Runners, thus cementing its place as the pinnacle of modern fiction.

25 thoughts on “Offered (Mostly) Without Comment

  1. The space-suit!
    The talking in space!
    Doom’s glasses!
    The phallic imagery!
    The ‘Zip!’ sound effect!


    All of these things are, indeed, making me freak out!

  2. Is this one of those mid-60’s deals where all the editors were into dream analysis and we got Little Superman that came out of Superman’s hand? And how does he get his metal mouth open that far?

  3. Y’know, it looks like someone drew Doom over another character’s face. There are the glasses and it looks like a wisp of hair near the top of his mask.
    Wait..they are in space…how can Spidey use his web like that in space? Ah, never mind.

  4. The glasses look very “Mole Man”…

    The rest of the panel looks completely bat-fuck insane. So it wins.

  5. I was all set to write some snarky attempt at wit, but all that runs through my mind is:


  6. My very first thought: where’d he get the foot?
    Because seriously, it would waste a ton of web to make something that big from scratch.

  7. While this panel is completely great, I have to disagree with you that this is the best issue. For, you see, it contains no story related to the greatest villain of all time…

    THE HUM DINGER! (as seen in issue #24)

    The man hums for evil!

  8. So basically Spidey just whipped out his big 12 inch and jammed it in Doom’s mouth.

    Is that what you’re trying to say?

  9. Now…is that Giant Doom, Tiny Spidey, or really, really crappy perspective, and Spider Man is far away? Because honestly I’d say either one is valid based on that panel.

  10. I believe Herr Starr said it best, all things considered: “DOOM ****! DOOM ****! DOOOOOOOOOOOOOM *********************!!!!”

    Don’t you?

  11. And it JUST occurred to me that somehow Doom’s mask is articulated to enable it to open wide enough for him to choke on Spidey’s…foot.


  12. Also, Doom looks more than a little like a metallic Malcolm X from about nose level up, if you take the huge eye frames into consideration.

  13. In all seriousness, The I.S.B. could just be panels from these books, punctuated by withering scorn on whatever porno-comic you have to hand, and I would still read it.
    In fact, I’d probably read it more.

  14. Why does Spidey have a spacesuit on but not the space gloves? (Right, I know it’s so he can shoot his load in space, but beyond that, why bother with the suit when the air’s going to get sucked out through the cuffs?)

    And yes, that was the FIRST thing I thought of… then the rest came crashing through my cerebellum like a tidal wave of “Ewwww!”