32 thoughts on “Only A Master of Evil, Doom!

  1. No, see, it was mounted on the wall, so it was obviously one of those $120 replica ones they sell at Best Buy and Toys “R” Us.

    That makes it even more awesome.

  2. The real awesomeness lies in the “Dr. Doom influenced George Lucas’ creation of Darth Vader in the first place” factor, making this sequence all the sweeter.

  3. I refuse to believe that Dr. Doom influenced Darth Vader on the grounds of Episodes 1 to 3. That sort of association taints Doom. Search your feelings. You know it to be true.

  4. That IS the Millennium Falcon behind them in the second panel.

    C3PO, I believe this is the diversion that will get the stormtroopers attention. Leave now!

  5. Also, Swish, Swipe, Snap, Buzz, Clash is a plot summary of Project Runway.

  6. More to the point, both of them display more facial animation than Haydn Christiansen, dammit!
    Does this mean Doc Ock is hangin’ in the garbage compactor?

  7. I just can’t stop staring at the panel where Spider-Man grabs the BLADE of the lightsaber when he gets it off the wall.

    What’s the point, then? Are they basically just beating each other with energy sticks?

  8. It seems that Spidey activates some kind of inexplicable energy field after grabbing the lightsaber, making it start to glow and presumably become deadly.

    On the other hand, it’s entirely possible that he and Doom decided to fight to the death with glow sticks.

  9. Okay, I just checked my freaking out meter and it turns out that I am, in fact, COMPLETELY FREAKING OUT. This is the best thing ever. Better than cake, freedom, high speed car chases, and the love of a beautiful woman. Bravo, SSS. Bravo.

  10. I like to think this is just a small video segment from a hastily recorded tape labeled “Spidey gets baked in Latveria.” In the five minutes of footage that followed, both Doom and Spidey succumb to the giggles and fall insensate to the floor.

    Then, cookies.

  11. So is Spidey shooting some sort of deflective beam from his knee in the second panel? Is that a “Brand New Day” thing?…

  12. So what is Doom really holding in that first panel and why is Spidey saying how easy it was?

    (I know this is a g-rated comic but come on, didn’t the artist review his work better?)

    (By the way, one of the best comics ever!!)

  13. I’m calling shenanigans! Doom should have decapitated Spidey in that second panel, but obviously somebody is playing games with a red LED light and throwing him off of his game!

  14. Also, who was the color-blind interior decorator for the ginourmous space station that thought a pink ceiling and walls worked well with yellow flooring?

  15. Doom says ‘Hold it’ while wielding a laser sword in front of his crotch. Yeah, that’s not creepy at all…

  16. So does this mean the Doombots with Lightsabers in The Dark Tower are from Spidey Super Stories continuity?

    Because that would be wonderful.

  17. Doom should be glad he tried this shit on in Spidey Super Stories, because Spidey with a lightsaber could F some M-Fs the F up in here, I daresay.

  18. That is awesomeness wrapped with a bow!

    If Spidey used a lightsaber in Brand New Day, I’d probably start reading it again.

  19. I like how the lightsabers are just hung from the mantelpiece of what appears to be the Star Jaws’ hangar. Apparently placed there so that when a superhero shows up to stop him from devouring the earth (!) Doom won’t be the only sporting a lightsaber.

    Doom thinks of everything.

  20. Also…the fact Doom decided to paint the interior of his space station pink is f-ing awesome. I mean because it’s the inside of a set of SPACE JAWS!

  21. @DF and Thatguy

    Doom obviously stole his Light Sabers from Travis Touchdown. That crotch-jerking motion is just them recharging the batteries.

  22. Aw. That was supposed to have stroke through codes on the `altering’ parts, I thought you’ve enabled HTML Chris? Or did I mess up?

  23. I cant believe how legitimately evil I found reading that. I could hear your mocking laughter in the back of my mind, with reverb and lightning crackle and everything.