26 thoughts on “Pop Quiz

  1. Oh, b. Definetly b.

    Arthur needs three, maybe four Double Dolphins before meeting Batman anywhere.

  2. The answer is in fact

    D) A technique similar to the Fastball Special, wherein Aquaman uses his ability to speak to sea animals to heave two dolphins at his foes at high speed.

    Note: In accordance with the laws of narrative causality, one of these dolphins will miss the intended target, and instead land in some guy’s backyard pool, who will then get the idea to make a horrible, horrible 50’s television series.

  3. Even if a Double Dolphin is what I think it is, that sentence still makes no sense. I don’t know if that is an indictment of Aquaman’s crappiness or a tribute to Bob Haney’s awesomeness.

  4. I’m a little less concerned about what a “Double Dolphin” is and more concerned about Aquaman’s obvious crystal meth problem. The King of Seas shouldn’t be abusing speed just to keep up with Batman.

    Given the context, I’m guessing a “Double Dolphin” is F) some kinda undersea cocktail of uppers that makes an eightball of coke look like Gingold juice.

  5. G) I believe Double Dolphin was a film about the lives of the kiwi stunt-dolphins who performed in both Peter David’s Aquaman series and Tarantino’s aquatic kung-fu two-part epic, Kill Manta.

  6. Speaking of Brave and the Bold.. I’m surprised not to see a lot of comics bloggers blogging about given that:
    a) Episode 1 opened with a vat of acid with “Acid” written on it
    b) Episode 2 had Gorilla pirates riding teradactyls that steal entire boats.

    If it continues this way I expect episode 15 to be entirely made of chainsaws dancing (co-starring Ambush Bug)

  7. Couldn’t Aquaman just leave earlier so he doesn’t have to rely on double dolphins to meet Batman on time?

    I do like the thought of Batman standing around, tapping his feet, checking his BatWatch, waiting on Aquaman, though.

  8. My wife unintentionally dressed our 10 month old son as Aquaman the other day (green tights, orange top) he was even holding a spoon (that I chose to see as a sceptre) but the kicker is, he has a toy whale and octopus and he was totally telling them what to do. Sure he was yelling at them- rather than communicating telepathically- and they didn’t really respond at all, but his intention was there and awesome.

  9. The answer’s obviously;

    F) The signature drink of answer C that has the same name and contains the ingredients listed in B with a shot of blue curacao floated on top.

  10. The second episode also had Kite-Man.

    Freaking KITE-MAN.

    I figure that, now that they’ve had Kite-Man, every other character ever is fair game.

  11. Jesus, I love Aquaman. Before DC tried to make him cool I mean. Silver Age Aquaman is just about the best thing ever. Judging by my Aquaman Showcase collections, a Double Dolphin is probably something like two dolphins tied to Aquaman’s feet and spinning like propellers.

    And now he needs another one

  12. Oh, fter my personal sidetrack I figured out what a double-dolphin actually is…

    Anything Aquaman says it is, because hes the fucking king of the ocean baby,

  13. I could have sworn it was a pair of ineffective French nobles bring Prince Hal a bucket of tennis balls.

    What, too soon?