Pop Quiz

Which of the following panels from Bob Haney and Jim Aparo’s classic Batman/Kamandi team-up in The Brave and the Bold #120 is the craziest damn thing you have ever read?






Or C:



Please show your work.









You have just witnessed Batman karate chopping a talking gorilla hard enough to kill a normal man, which, coincidentally, is also hard enough to create a pink explosion at the point of impact. On a scale of one to freaking out, how awesome is this?

34 thoughts on “Pop Quiz

  1. B. While Batman realizing the blindingly obvious is fun, and future cavemen worshipping comic books is cool, future cavemen using Ancient Indian Magic to summon Batman across Time and Space to the cave in George Washington’s Head is BEYOND AMAZING.

    Also, I would say freaking out. Would simply be “Hardcore, man” were it not for our hero’s new title of “Captain Bat.”

  2. The “simian haymaker” was one of the mid-level techniques taught by the Aicondo Men!! Amazing coincidence? I THINK NOT!!!

    Aparo draws cool ancient-Indian-magic-powder-using hippies…

  3. Is the cave in George Washington’s head the same cave where the President told Buck Rogers he was ending him into space because of an imminent nuclear war on Earth, a nuclear war Buck Rogers was put on trial for starting…five hundred years later?

  4. Extra bonus points: there was a sequel (in Brave & Bold of course) where Kamandi came back in time and ended up hypnotized into fighting Batman – until the Caped Crusader used their past experience to break the spell.

  5. Well, Captain Bat will get you high tonight… And take you to that special island. Yeah Captain Bat will get you by tonight…. Just a little push and you’ll be smilin’.

  6. I feel a ditty coming…

    Captain Bat, Captain Bat
    karate-chopping simians, rat-a-tat!
    Traveling in time into George Washington’s head
    your karate-chopping hands could leave a human dead!

  7. Wait, you have that issue of Brave and the Bolde? Then all you need are some ancient Indian magic powders and you can summon the Haney/Aparo Batman across time to lead you to…well, wherever you need leading. I guess he could be like your life coach or whatever.

  8. It’s totally B. Because that’s the one that opens up with: “I can explain that!” Dude, no. No, you can’t. Not really.

  9. C. Especially because Kamandi’s grandfather was OMAC. And because the idea that Buddy Blank collected comic books in his spare time is cool. And Buddy Blank was seen with his grandson (who just so happens to have blonde hair) in the latest issue of Countdown, instantly making it the greatest countdown issue ever (which you, Chris, obviously won’t say is much…).



    Then all you need are some ancient Indian magic powders and you can summon the Haney/Aparo Batman across time to lead you to…well, wherever you need leading.

    The ’08 Presidential Campaign is about to heat up… big time.

  11. Captain Bat will punch you so hard that your neck explodes if you fail to give the correct answer.

    No worse than the bigass orange explosion that Machine Man inflicted on that annoying fleshy cop.

    Imagine what flesh-based explosions a Captain Bat/Machine Man character from Amalgam Universe could cause!

  12. Kamandi comics always left me feeling kinda freaked out. But the hardass Batman in a Kamandi comic? Using man killing chops on an ape? That’s a full fledged freakout baby!

  13. Man, the seventies were so lucky. THEY got Haney/Aparo crazawesome. We’re stuck with Miller/Lee.

  14. Hmm. Why does Kamandi trust a guy he saw in his grandfather’s souvenirs? Grandpa wasn’t smart enough to get that book slabbed, so it’s worthless. Unless…in Kamandi’s time…there is no CGC. Oh. My. God.

  15. B and i don’t think that even needs an explanation its just fucking nuts
    and i give the extra credit and a freakin out cuz of the pretty pink explosion bat captain is cool and all but its all about the pink explosion

  16. The Bat Machine.

    That’s the Captain Bat/Machine Man amalgam, and obviously the greatest creation ever.

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