Pop Quiz



Is this:

a) Lois Lane giving a spanking to a time-traveling Super-Baby after he punches a hole in her favorite cookie jar,


b) One of the more bizarre episodes of The Family Circus from Bill Keane’s mid-60s “experimental” phase, wherein the mother mutated into a strange, eight-armed disciplinarian?


At the risk of giving away the answer, it should be noted that the preceding panel, by the inimitable Kurt Schaffenberger, can be found in the pages of Showcase Presents Superman Family v.2. And really, be glad I didn’t post that story’s last panel.

14 thoughts on “Pop Quiz

  1. Utah … it’s a whole ‘nother world.

    You have NO IDEA. Hehehehe.

  2. Gah! Why oh why did I take this as an invitation to check out that story’s last panel? Why?

  3. Superman Family Vol.2 is packed with moments like this!
    Favorite moment that I just read last night though is the story where Jimmy Olsen’s Rock Star alter-ego is named, “Rock-n-Rolsen”
    You win again Silver-Age!

  4. Wait, I’ve seen this one. Is this the story where it turns out time traveling Super Baby is from an alternate timeline?

    If so, that last panel scores a ten out of ten on the “revealing the sexual fantasies of the Superman writers and artists” scale.

  5. It looks like Lois is into S & M. And by spanking Super Baby she gets to experience both sides at the same time!