Ranking the Super-Heroines



Today on ComicsAlliance, Girl Week rolls on with a special double-sized look at the best and worst of my favorite super-heroines!

As you can tell if you read it, this post ran a little long, as I had more to say about this than I originally planned. In fact, of the list I made last night to prepare, there were a bunch that didn’t make it in, including one of my favorite lady-type characters, Big Barda. But I don’t feel too bad about that one, as this picture…



…is pretty much all you need to know.

17 thoughts on “Ranking the Super-Heroines

  1. There’s probably something very deep and significant about the fact that the two most badass characters in the DC universe, Batman and Amanda Waller, have no superpowers, but I’m too sleepy to figure it out.

  2. I don’t see why everyone on the CA comments section is complaining about the lack of certain female characters on the list? Don’t they have an Invincible Super Blog Gold Account like the rest of us?

  3. You’ve pretty much nailed the problem with Wonder Woman – particularly the inflated sense of the character’s worth caused by the Lynda Carter show.

  4. All those comments about how it’s not Lois’s fault she was crazy in the Silver Age, *everything* was crazy back then, made me wonder what a Silver Age Amanda Waller would have been like.

  5. Actually, Kurt Busiek HAD provided a decent explanation for Scarlet Witch’s powers, but it got flushed down the toilet by Bendis in a typical hack “everything you knew before was bullshit” move in “Disassembled”.

  6. John Byrne also had an explanation for the Scarlet Witch’s powers during his run on “Avengers West Coast” back in, well, whenever that was. The explanation, as I recall, made no goddamn sense.

    And hell yeah, I’m with Sims on the greatness of Amanda Waller. She’s a damn fine character. I still prize her “Secret Origins” issue. The one where she talks to President Reagan about her coming up in the Chicago political machine and takes a shot at Reagan’s politics to the man’s face. That is how she rolls. Fuck not with The Wall.

  7. Amanda Waller may not have any super powers, but those kitten heels she’s wearing must be made out of goddamn Superman.

  8. Isn’t Comics Alliance having a ‘Girl Week’ as redundant as a Canadian sports network having a ‘Hockey Week’?

  9. The Wall’s heels are made out of the normal stuff, they’re just too terrified of her to break.

    When Amanda Waller makes Chuck Norris jokes, people still laugh.