31 thoughts on “Reed Richards: Ladies’ Man!

  1. The world needs more Alicia/Sue fics. I’m just saying. Where she comforts Sue after Reed’s latest tirade. Or where Sue helps Alicia after Ben storms off to be emo and brood…

  2. So that’s the problem with the Fantastic Four films…Mr. Fantastic shouldn’t have been played by Ioan Gruffudd, he should have been played by Bruce Campbell!

    “Don’t touch that please, your primitive intellect wouldn’t understand things with alloys and compositions and things with… molecular structures.”

  3. Is it too much to ask that she just go hysterical and Reed have to slap her to “bring her back to her senses” all 50’s style?

  4. ummm…ouch :)

    Please don’t show this to them feminism ladies…they’ll throw a fit and probably a few nail polishers at the server too ^_^

  5. Ummm… I’m a feminist and I found that whole lot hilarious!

    I just have to look at it ironically, and something THAT overdone is just cheesy and funny, like a really bad horror movie, or that episode where the militant feminist visits Craggy Island in Father Ted.

  6. From this to Stripperella…oh, Stan, some grad student would have a heck of a thesis charting the evolution of your female characters over the years.

  7. Why, in that last panel, does Reed… suddenly… turn… feminine? Did he love Blastaar that much?

    Oh wait. Is it supposed to be Sue saying that? :-) Isn’t she feminine already or has Reed just turned on his Sex-Change-O-Matic Machine and Sue was a man in drag all along!?

  8. Strangely enough, she STILL comes across better than Jessica Alba in the second Fantastic Four movie…

  9. Make him a sandwich?

    No, sir:

    Now get in there and finish my laundry! And put on a little something ‘special,’ why don’t you!

  10. More and more, my suspicion that the early FF issues were written by a young Dave Sim under the pen-name “Stan Lee” is confirmed…

  11. Ugh! Girls! Is there anything they won’t try to girl up with their girliness? Hey, Reed, maybe its Sue’s “time of the month” if you know what I mean!

  12. oh my freakin god i have never laughed so hard in my entire life. Richards sounds like he needs a nice cold beer

  13. Being bitten by a were-woman is one of my most sordid, sordid fantasties. Which I’ve written about extensively on the Interent. At Ohhowiwishicouldberepeatedlybittenbyawerewoman.blogspot.com.

  14. That’s freaking awesome. If Fantastic Four were still written like this, I’d never need to buy another comic. Ever.

  15. Ohhowiwishicouldberepeatedlybittenbyawerewoman.blogspot.com

    Link is down… dissapointing.

  16. Yeah, speaking as another feminist type…this isn’t so much misogynistic as totally, hilariously clueless. I ‘specially love how Reed’s muscles apparently automatically expand the more ‘feminine’ Sue gets, like a sort of Testosterone Reflex.

  17. My apologies to Mark Millar.

    I had accused him of turning Reed Richards into a douchebag in CIVIL WAR.

    But I guess I was wrong.

    Apparently, Reed was ALWAYS a douchebag.

    Sorry, Mark!!!

  18. “Stop sounding like a wife and find me that gun, lady!”

    When the true memoir about the Cheney/Bush relationship get published, this will be the title.

  19. Sue Reed makes a sandwich with Reed Richards and the helpless Blastaar… ‘nuf said! ;)