Release Day! Down Set Fight Paperback and Subatomic Party Girls #3 Available Now!

Mascots! The Gregasus! Katmandont! THESE TWO HAVE IT ALL!Ohhhhhhhh snap, it is Release Day!

That’s right, folks: Not only is Down Set Fight is hitting shelves at finer comic book stores everywhere — and as Chad found out, you can pre-order it from Walmart’s website, which is weird — but Subatomic Party Girls #3 is out digitally on Comixology! I probably don’t even need to say it, but this is a huge deal for  us. DSF is Chad’s and my first graphic novel, and SAPG #3 is one of my favorite single issues we’ve ever read. A lot of that comes down to Erica, though — there’s a page in this one that I just wrote “Chase scene, you figure it out” in the script, and she did. And then she knocked it out of the park.

Same goes for Scott on Down Set Fight. It’s just a beautiful book, and when the script includes things like “mascot suplexes” and “black ops football team,” that’s no mean feat. He was perfect for this book, and I could not like how it turned out better.

Also, as always, shout out to the unsung hero of the Sims-Bowers ouvre, letterer “Jazzy” Josh Krach.

Here’s the links:

Down Set Fight on Comixology

Down Set Fight on Amazon

Subatomic Party Girls on Comixology

Go grab ’em! And if your local shop got a copy of Down Set Fight, snap a picture and send it to me. I really want to see!

still here? Okay. Just between you and me, I’m throwing in an added bonus to celebrate the big release day. Today only, you can download Dracula the Unconquered #1 and #2, by me, Steve Downer and Josh Krach, for free. No DRM, PDF or CBZ, 48 pages of all ages action adventure. Grab ’em here!

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