Resurrection #8 Is Out This Wednesday!



This week, Resurrection #8 hits the shelves, and in addition to Marc Guggenheim and Justin Greenwood’s main story, it’s got an eight-page backup by me, Chad Bowers and Rusty Shackles!

Rusty’s art (and sonorous tones) should be familiar to any War Rocket Ajax listeners, Chad of course is my writing partner and the guy who unleashed Danger Ace and Monster Plus on the world, and I’m… well, if you’re reading this here, you should probably know who I am by now. This isn’t the first time we’ve worked together–Chad and I have done a bunch of stuff that people haven’t seen yet, and the three of us produced an actual full-length first issue of The Hard Ones that you will be seeing eventually–but for Chad and me, it’s our first professional comics work, and it’s Rusty’s return to print after years, so it’s a pretty big deal.



So call your local shop, get out, and support the Action Age’s professional comics debut! And if you want to find out more about Resurrection, you can pick up the first trade for a mere six bucks!

And for those of you here in Sunny South Carolina, Chad and I will be signing on Saturday at Heroes & Dragons from 11 AM to 3 PM. Come out! Say hi! Love us with your money! And let ’em know that you want more!


UPDATE: My pals at ComicsAlliance have put up an exclusive four-page preview for your sampling pleasure. Yes: a four-page preview of an eight-page story. That is just how we roll in the Action Age.

17 thoughts on “Resurrection #8 Is Out This Wednesday!

  1. Hey! This, then, would be your first PRINTED comic book story, right? Congrats! That’s a pretty big step towards comics superstardom…

  2. all kidding aside, it’s a big deal and I’m glad to have the chance to work with Chris and Chad on something like this! Seems like only yesterday I was like “whatever he won’t pick my batman to win, jerk…” now here we are. Big Ups to the ISB/WRA fans who’ve supported us, you guys rule

  3. Going to see if the local shop (Heroic Dreams in Pickering!) has this tonight when I (hopefully) go to pick up Punisher #11 and #12…

  4. So when you do eventually get to write Batman, will you make your first official act as Batman writer, to have him huck a car battery at someone? Or will it just be portrayed proudly in the Batcave?

    Maybe that was entirely lame. Let me start over: congratulations all around for this momentous publication! ACTION!!!

  5. Let me go on the record as disgusted – nay, APPALLED that Chris is using his blog to shamelessly plug his published work instead of giving us more content we don’t have to pay for.

    He is successful so I hate him now.

  6. Whatever… let’s hear more about this Chad Bowers guy.

    Since we’re not quite at the big comics newsite invterview stage, I’m gonna hijack the comments section for a sec’ just to say how excellent Sims and Shacks are to work with… well, Shackles, all the time… Simsy… he’s got nice hair!?!

    Play on!

  7. And I grabbed my copy today, having special ordered it when Chris first mentioned it. A not bad start to what I’m sure will be an illustrious career.

    Are you ever going to tell us how we can buy a copy of Woman of Action #1 if we weren’t at the show?