21 thoughts on “Robin Tells It Like It Is

  1. “If I was a gorilla and I had super powers.”

    “Suppose you were an idiot. And suppose you were a member of Congress.”

  2. Was anyone remotely worried that Robin had seemingly devoted his free time to thinking about what would happen if he was a gorilla with super-powers?

  3. Meekrat – are you saying that you haven’t thought about being a gorilla with super-powers?

  4. Meekrat, consider what blog you’re viewing. I’m pretty sure Sims and all of his fans have, at one point, imagined being a super gorilla. I do it every Thursday.

    And on Tuesdays I pretend to be a robot who wants to feel love but knows only how to kill.

  5. I think this is less Robin wondering about something he’d like to be, and more preparing for Batman to become a gorilla with super powers.

    Because of this valuable thought, when super powered gorilla Batman tries to rip criminals limb from limb, Robin will know why. And he will be able to react appropriately.

  6. Wait. So he’s saying that without super powers, gorillas don’t already want to exact revenge on humans?

    Because I’ve always just naturally assumed that gorillas, as well as most of the other non-human animals on earth, want to do that very thing.

    Call it schizo-paranoia if you want, but when the squirrels finally attack, it’ll be my fortified basement you’ll all be hiding in.

    I call it the “Anti-Bat Cave.” GET IT??

  7. This just proves that if Batman really, really TALKED to Robin on a regular basis we wouldn’t have been trussed up on an examination table 5 posts ago.

  8. What would be the coolest gorilla-superpower? For my money, superspeed. Peeling bananas with your feet faster than the eye can see WHILE SIMULTANEOUSLY panelbeating humans mercilessly would have to be close to simian Nirvana.

  9. I’ll admit: If I were an orphan and someone dressed me up in green under-roos and pointy shoes, I’d probably want to exact revenge on humans, too.

  10. You know nothing of my work, boy. Speak no more of your lies; I’m not adverse to the taste of human flesh.