12 thoughts on “ROM: Spaceknight…

  1. ROM’s eyebeams should end in some kind of emotive dingbat. Like, if he sees Starshine, there would be little hearts at the end of those tips, or if he saw a Dire Wraith, there would be little daggers.

  2. “Once, so much tragedy and devastation brought on by this ‘Old Dirty Bastard.’ Perhaps one day our paths will cross.”

    (Because Mantlo was writing the early-’80s Wu Tang monthly, too, y’know.)

  3. John Carpenter employed Spaceknight technology for the creature effects in his original version of The Fog.

    ROM gets by on residuals to this day.

  4. Hey, ROM, be careful with those things! You’ll put someone’s eyes out… with your eyes.

  5. Man, Rom is awesome.

    Managed to find his action figure for a buck fifty at salvation army recently. No weapons, but, well, ROM, Spaceknight. Life is good.

  6. I’ve always heard about people having a conniption but I’ve never seen one. You don’t want to see ’em. My wife’s face split. My wife’s face split and the skin and hair split and came off of her face so that there was nothing except a skull. And orange lights came out of her hair and there was glitter all around. And fire shot from her eye sockets and began to burn my stomach and she said, “WHERE DID THEY GET CHOCOLATE CAKE FROM?”

    ROM asks the same of YOU.

  7. (Because Mantlo was writing the early-’80s Wu Tang monthly, too, y’know.)

    This is one of those times I wish saying something on the Internet made it true.