ROM Week: And Now…

The ISB Presents:


ROM, Spaceknight: Scratch DJ



DJ Rom, yellin with his mitts
Givin’ sucker Dire Wraiths epileptic fits
He’s got two red eyes, not one like a Cylon
He’s in a danger zone so bust out the pylons
And the yellow tape ’cause it’s a crime scene
When he waxes and he scratches on the record machine

DJ Rom
Ricka ricka rock (x4)


Lyrics by David Campbell, “art” by Chris Sims. That’s right: ROM Week is so powerful that it brought us both together.

27 thoughts on “ROM Week: And Now…

  1. This has to be the plot submission for the ROM/Luke Cage crossover we’ve been waiting for. Woohoo!

  2. It’s just like when Wonder Boy and Young Nastyman teamed up. I feel like I’m watching history being written.. um.. badly drawn.

    How does DJ ROM scratch with that big blaster hand of his?

  3. So, he ices DJ Dire Wraith, but he doesn’t want to wreck the party, so he jumps behind the tables and starts workin’ it.

    ROM-DMC, you go.

  4. I’m sorry… I just don’t get the whole ROM thing. Can we get back to something marginally less lame, like road-rage Venom?

  5. Franklin! I’ve got something that will help you get exactly the content you want, on the internet when you want it!

    Go to
    Log in with your account.
    Write your own blog entries with content you enjoy! Hooray!

    Chris Sims is not a line cook, and you’re not paying jack or shit for his services.

  6. Like Franklin, I also find ROM sexually intimidating. But this entry reminds me of the night in 1983 I saw ROM at the Warehouse spinning with Jaime Principle and Frankie Knuckles and that was the best night of my life. For a second, he was looking at me and I was looking at him and I raised my drink to him and he just nodded, like “What’s up?” Awesome.

  7. In Mighty Marvel style,Imperius chex yourself, before you Imperius Rex yourself!

    ROM week is awesome! And if you hate it, it’ll be over soon enough.

    Also, you’re complaining about free content.

  8. Marvel could have brought us this awesomeness… but instead, they chose to give us The Dazzler.

    (Oh, and those awful KISS comics.)

    I blame Shooter. (But then, I blame Shooter for Global Warming, so take that with a grain of salt.)

  9. Wow… seems I’ve riled up the natives.

    Make no mistake; the ISB is one of my favorite blogs, but I didn’t realize it was completely out of the question to criticize it in the slightest. My bad.

  10. Make no mistake; the ISB is one of my favorite blogs, but I didn’t realize it was completely out of the question to criticize it in the slightest.

    There’s a difference between criticism and whining like a whining whiner because he’s not doing what you want.

  11. Yo!

    Watch your fool ass, and don’t rattle ROM-DMC or he’ll kick you to the curb.



    the perfect storm of Internet Chic.

    If all 3 ran a simultaneous ROM-week the tubes would surely be clogged.

    (OK… maybe it’s just ME wanting MORE ROM!)


  12. Hmmmm…. that leads to the next thought;

    Is “MORE ROM” the successor to “MORE COWBELL”?



  13. As I’m reading this, I’m listening to the track “Sofa King” from the Danger Doom album, and I’ve got to say, this ROM rap would be pretty dope if MF Doom were spitting it over this track. I’m bobbing my head just thinking about it.