Romance Special: “Kissing,” As Loosely Defined By DC’s HEART THROBS, 1956-1961

Fig. 1:

The Near-Miss


Fig. 2:

The Vulcan Mind-Meld


Fig. 3:

The Chi-Town Chin-Suck


Fig. 4:

The Stone Cold Stunner


And of course, Fig. 5:

Making Out With A Swan

28 thoughts on “Romance Special: “Kissing,” As Loosely Defined By DC’s HEART THROBS, 1956-1961

  1. Is fig. 4 from a DC adaptation of ancient Greek erotic myths? You know, the ones about Zeus assuming the form of a bull or swan to mate with a human woman.

    In this image the heroine has been outfitted with a chaste high collar in order to mitigate the reader’s shock at opening a silver age comic and beholding a scene of neo-pagan bestiality.

  2. Jessie: I was almost thinking the same thing, along the lines of “Dammit Zeus! Won’t you let Leda live it down already!”

  3. In fig 4, what’s with the woman’s hair? How can she see with that hairstyle? And, oh my god, the guy behind her doesn’t have a head!!

  4. The scariest thing about fig. 4 isn’t how violent it looks. It isn’t even that she has no eyes.

    It’s the fact that the top of her head and his hand have MELDED TOGETHER! I AM FREAKING OUT!

  5. This entry makes me want to go dig out my copy of “Truer Than True Romance” right now.

    The bits about hallucinating swans were hilarious.

  6. That can’t be Hal, he isn’t getting beaned in the head with a lamp or a ceiling tile or somesuch.

    Nothing like a little Greco-Roman bestiality add that special something to a romance comic, though.

  7. That’s because they ARE Hal Jordan, Sallyp. ALL of them.

    (@Rich, I’m sure he gets headbonked only after discovering that the girls are all actually 14-year-old aliens.)

    (Including the swan.)

    (Oh, Hal.)

  8. Newly filed under Things You Really Didn’t Want To Know:

    “The subject undoubtedly owed its sixteenth-century popularity to the paradox that it was considered more acceptable to depict a woman in the act of copulation with a swan than with a man. The earliest depictions show the pair love-making with some explicitness—more so than in any depictions of a human pair made by artists of high quality in the same period.”

    Next month in Tarot…

  9. Hey, a few friends of mine started a blog, and they wanted me to post links to them… So i figured why not here, amongst people with such high ideals and classy notions?

    It’s three of my female friends commenting on geeky stuff that they like or dislike. Enjoy!

    PS> Chris, i hope this is kosher with you…

  10. It’s probably kosher, but nobody’s ever going to follow that link. Hard and fast Netiquette rule: When someone posts a comment on a popular blog that’s nothing more than, “Hey, come read my blog too, it’s really good!” …nobody ever does. Even if it’s a blog supposedly written by three geek girls.


  11. PETA is going to hear about this!

    (Kids today, with their videogames and drugs and DC romance comics and whatnot, grumble grumble…)


  12. I swear on my honor, that was the only time. I don’t want to become “that guy” around here…

    – Danicus Spamicus Meridius, Leader of the Armies of the North, Commander of the Felix Legions