Romance Special: My (Allegedly) Funny Valentines 2009!

I normally do this on Valentine’s Day itself–as I believe that matters of the heart, much like science projects, are best handled the night before you have to show them to someone–but this year, I’d not only knock out my traditional clip-and-send Valentines a few days early, but change things up a little by adding a theme!

So while you guys may have shown your significant others that you love them in years past, this time around… Show ’em you love ’em a little Moore!






And for the risqé out there…



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Special thanks to Rachelle for inspiring this year’s theme, which was drawn from The Killing Joke, V for Vendetta, Watchmen, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: The Black Dossier, and Swamp Thing, which are all basically pretty okay.

14 thoughts on “Romance Special: My (Allegedly) Funny Valentines 2009!

  1. I forgot which feed I was looking at on Google Reader, so imagine how surprised I was to see James Lileks making Alan Moore boner cracks. Surprised, but not shocked.

  2. My girlfriend isn’t a big comics person, but she did read a fair amount of Spider-Man as a kid. Last year, I linked her your Gwen Stacy “I’m falling for you” valentine. She was completely horrified. We were not dating at the time.

    Now we are! Clearly, the message just needed a little time to get through.

    Oh, and this year’s batch is pretty excellent too, though I don’t think any of them will freak her out as much. I will try the Joker one, but I don’t think she’d get the references for the others (my personal favorite is the V for Vendetta one).

  3. You gave your not-yet-girlfriend Chris’ Gwen Stacy valentine… and she then decided to date you?

    Wow. She’s, like, the perfect woman.