Saturday Night’s Main Event: Small Change, Big Hurtin’

The delay in getting this week’s comics reviews written left me unable to participate in this week’s Friday Night Fights, but let it never be said that the love Bahlactus holds for comic book violence eclipses my own!

That’s right, it may be a day late, but it’s sure as heck not a dollar short, because tonight, the ISB brings you another bone-jarring battle!

In this corner, the dastardly disciplinarian of depravity, the Provost!



And his opponent, the little girl with the big right hook, Molly “Bruiser” Hayes!


Place your bets, folks, but if you’re expecting a big payoff, well…



Hope you don’t mind nickels!




I ask you: Could that fight be any more awesome? Answer: Probably not.

10 thoughts on “Saturday Night’s Main Event: Small Change, Big Hurtin’

  1. Could that fight be anymore awesome?

    She could have kicked him in the ribs after knocking him out. Because 11 May’s was the best ever in terms of sheer violence.

  2. One of my favorites! Nice work.

    Also, I looked it up and it turns out that the fight could not have been more awesome. Some researchers are working on a way to make it slightly cooler but I’m not holding my breath.

  3. Molly is clearly the most powerful Mutant in existence.

    And she’s starting to develop psychic powers on top of the awesome strength. Good times.

  4. Now I remember what it feels like when Molly says “It’s like my heart is having a pizza party!”

    It’s like this.

  5. No zeke. Molly is a powerful mutant, sure, but squirrel girl is a mutant. And squirrel girl, as we all should know, is the closest any branch of the avengers has come to omnipotence. And being able to punch the punisher so hard he pukes on his boots is way less impressive than beating M.O.D.O.K. with the power of squirrels.