6 thoughts on “Seven Awesome Moments From Cary Bates’ Superman

  1. Weaponized Pigeons? That gives me a fantastic idea for Great Comics That Never Happened:


  2. I once met Bob Wayne at a convention, and I argued that the Bronze Age Superman stories of Cary Bates and Elliot Maggin needed to get a reprint program. I really do believe future comic book readers will appreciate their effort.

  3. Didn’t a lot of their stuff get reprinted in the best of the ’70s trade?

  4. I loved Terra-Man as a kid. It’s a great concept:

    Evil McCloud with Gadgets

  5. My God.

    The awesome.

    It’s so spectacular…it hurts.

    I hope you named a wing in Awesome Hospital in his honor, it’s the least the man deserves.

  6. Why is the girl chased by the space skeleton dinosaur wearing dazzler makeup? Or is that KISS makeup? Or is that just a sparkle in her eyes?