Six Years Later

Today, it has been exactly six years since I sat down on the advice of a friend of mine and started up a blog.

That’s right, everybody: Despite my usual recap contest (which I was absolutely shocked that people remembered enough to send me an email) and a distinct lack of cookie cake on my table, It’s the Awesomeversary! And this year has been a big one, although admittedly, more for me than the ISB itself.

This is, after all, the year I completely sold out and quit my job to work full-time for ComicsAlliance and other freelance concerns (which also included ramping up and subsequently ending The Worst of Netflix), which means that I haven’t done a whole heck of a lot here. But in a very real way, it’s entirely because of this site that those things happened.

For me, the past year since has been huge I mean, I went to five conventions as a professional this year, as a reporter for CA (New York and San Diego), as a creator for Action Age (X-Con and the Charlotte MiniCon), or as both, had my first ever printed work published as a comic writer in Resurrection #8, launched Awesome Hospital with Chad, Matt and Josh, was part of a team that was nominated for the Eisner, lost the Eisner, swore revenge against Tom Spurgeon, wrote a story in the upcoming Skullkickers #6 (which I finally got to see the art for a few days ago, and man, Joe Vriens absolutely killed on this), and as you might already know if you’re following me on Twitter, Chad and I announced that we’ve got an upcoming project with Oni Press.

And that’s not even getting into writing this, which got vehement reactions from both people who agreed with me and a few who really didn’t, and even got Dwayne McDuffie to compare me to Richard Nixon when I ran into him at San Diego. And I’m almost positive he meant it in a nice way.

There’s also this, which is the piece I’m probably most proud of over the past year, and which got me an email from award-winning author Glen David Gold (who is a great guy even without the fact that he immortalized my name and tastes in literature) advising me to stick with this whole writing thing.

There was also this, which I don’t think anyone but me thought was hilarious. But that’s okay, because I laughed enough for all of us.

So yeah. Kind of a big deal for me.

And if you’re an ISB reader — which, by definition, you are if you’re reading this — I hope it was at least a mild deal for you. Thanks for sticking with it even though I’m a shameless self-promoter who rules his comments section like it’s my own personal feifdom (which, I’d like to point out, it is). So here’s to six years of the ISB.

And here’s a little something from all of me to all of you: A picture of me in the Batman snuggie that Laura Hudson got me for Christmas:



44 thoughts on “Six Years Later

  1. Happy anniversary!

    I’d add another one of your big hits during the year – the piece on the anti-Fred Phelps protest at Comic-Con. I saw links to that all over the frickin’ place.

  2. I just wanted to say that by reading what you have said with all of this, you have inspired me to keep going with my own blog which I was also recommended to do by someone that I think you may know very well, Dr. Andrew Kunka. I love all of the stuff that you do here and congratulations on your success.

  3. Those are some mighty long sleeves there, Buckaroo. But you’re the man to fill ’em.

    And thanks for keeping the ISB going — I appreciate it. It’s my easy-to-use gateway to your Comics Alliance goodness. Plus: Wrestling!

  4. Six years ago someone recommended i start a blog too. I was pissed she was telling me how smart i was when i just wanted her to fuck me. I got a little overzealous and just got out of prison two months ago. Huzzah.

  5. Happy Awesomeversary from me too! And heck YES I was one of the ones who remembered the recap contests; I still appreciate the original Chris Sims art as my consolation prize from year one, and I still feel the sense of disbelief of watching everyone else’s entries just get better and better in subsequent years. Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. Congrats and thanks for writing it.

    Also, it may be the angle of the photo, but I think that Batman snuggie has a questionably generous (and disturbing) bulge in the trunks area (and some skinny Batman legs)

  7. Lookit those bat-abs! I see the gym is a friend of the ISB, too.

    OK, no, seriously, we’re gonna need more ACTUAL ISB content. I find it offensive, having to expend the effort to click a link to get the exact same kind of stuff I would have found on your blog, except now you got some money for it it. THAT’S NOT THE AMERICA I KNOW.

    That is Communist Russia. Which – oh. Ohhhh. I get it now. This is all your long-range plot to become the KGBeast. Well-played, Sims.

  8. Happy Awesomeversary, Chris! It’s been a real delight for me to see your career taking off in real-time this last year and change, so thank you for sharing that. It’s an inspiration to live in a country where a man can get paid for being wrong, forgetting all the good list items, and telling jokes that could so obviously be improved by random internet commenters.

    Like Brian, I’m stumbling through 2011 like a man who missed the last stair in the dark. My lack of a forum for bringing the world Parker: The Outfit: In 30: Seconds or my 5th Anniversary Bonus Page of Planetary #27 will be regarded by history as the greatest of your many crimes against humanity, akin to burning the Great Library of Alexandria, but on the other hand, I was able to get a lot of errands done that weekend, instead, so probably for the best.

    Many happy returns!

  9. As long as we’re sharing, Tim, my planned offering (before I got the flu, then recovered just enough to work seven of the last eight days, then realizing that there was no contest anyway) was going to be Power Pack Vol. 1. It was going to be five lousy drawings with mediocre jokes, then a sixth drawing with an attempt at relevance after the kids switched powers for the second time (Katie: “Why don’t the BOYS ever get to fly and make rainbows?” Julie: “Katie-bear, it’s the ’80s. The world still has a long way to go.”) then more mediocre humor and then the end!

    There you go, everybody. That’s it. That was going to be your competition this year.

  10. I have to say, I’m interested in knowing how much ComicsAlliance pays you for you to quit your job to write there. That sounds impressive, is it. I’m not asking for actual figures and numbers, but they would be the most appropriate response.

    Congrats on a big year of work, mate. Good stuff!

  11. Huzzahzamite! If I could reach across the pond, I’d pat you on the back. Of course, if I really could reach across the Atlantic, I’d have super stretchy arms and the world would cower at my all encompassing hug.

    Happy Awesomeversary!!!

  12. Wow, I’d forgotten how good that Regressive Storytelling column was. Good on you for 6 years of, well, you know this stuff here and all. The snuggie is Wicked.

  13. I think I’ve been here for nearly the whole six years. Man, that’s a bit of a shock. Great job, and may this be the beginning of your comic book career.

  14. Looks like Batman stepped into one of those Space Balls teleporters and got his ass spun around onto his crotch.

  15. COngratulations on 6 years. Thanks for keeping the ISB up. I also use it as my one stop shop for Chris Sims content.

    I saw an Admiral Chris Sims mentioned in an article about the navy commander that was fired from his job on the USS Enterprise. You do get around. ;)

  16. Happy Anniversary! Have enjoyed the ride, I hope you have too. Which, hey, if you’re getting paid for the ride, then baby, it’s a GOOD RIDE.

  17. …Richard Nixon? How did /that/ comparison work? I kinda thought that column was… uh… nothing like Nixon in any way.

  18. Whatev. I’m still counting down the days until they bring back the original Chris Sims. The silver age one, not the golden age jerk who sold more copies in his time.

    (I, also, would probably never see any Comics Alliance articles without the ISB to get me there, but once I’m there, I tend to poke around a bit.)

    (And truth to tell, I barely read any comics anymore, but I still love this site. Keep it up!)

  19. In regards to ComicsAlliance: when I found out Phoenix was heading for Marvel Vs. Capcom 3, I checked YouTube for any other character reveals . . . and I found this. How come you haven’t jumped on this like a grenade that explodes with candy and Volstagg action figures?

  20. Damn, I can’t believe I missed the Awesomeversary!

    It’s been a big year for ya and your writing on CA has elevated that site to the only Must-Read comic site on the web for me.

    So, in conclusions, Belated Happy Awesomeversary!!

  21. Here’s to fifty more, Sims. If I end up in SC this April like I plan, I’ll have to buy you a beer.

  22. Hey, come to Sidcup and pick up the bottle of Jack Daniels I have for you.

    In other news, well done for 6 years worth of uncontrollable enthusiasm, joy and occasional seriousness.

  23. Happy Awesomeversary! And if I am ever in a position to do so, i will be happy to buy you at least one drink of hard liquor of your choice in gratitude for the laughs and the many comics I’ve ended up buying because of your recommendations. As long as you don’t go crazy and order some 1000 year old Irish Whiskey that costs $750K plus your first born child per shot.

    Now get back to work.