21 thoughts on “Sixteen In the Clip and One In the Hole…

  1. “If I had wings I would fly… oh wait, I’ve got a cape…”

    “The next stop is the east side – of Hell.”

    “Earth Two, or One, or Three will regulate.”

    Genius man – genius.

  2. Superman would like ta say
    That I’m a crazy mutha fucka from around the way
    Since I was a youth, I smoked weed out
    Now I’m the mutha fucka that ya read about
    Takin’ a life or two
    that’s what the hell I do
    you don’t like how I’m livin’
    well fuck you!

  3. I liked Superman when he was a hyper-violent idiot, a lot more then when he’s basically the milk of human kindness in a cape.
    There was a time when he’d fix the crime problem in the slum district by tearing it down is all.

  4. I’m sorry, skizelo, but that contradicts the rose-colored goggle history that is the only history comic fans accept, so you are wrong.

  5. He also once led a party of upper class twits into a coal mine then buried them alive, to teach them the plight of mine workers.

    I will say while Superman was hyper-violent, he was never an idiot.

  6. I think anyone who tries to solve massive society-wide problems by picking up a dude or two and then jumping really high is at least a little special.
    Also, let’s hear it for Julie, Bruce Wayne’s fiancee who shows up for a panel a comic, hugging Bruce but looking disconsolate over his shoulder, wishing that he could be “a real man, like the Batman”. Best character ever? I hear she’s going to be the main villain in the next film.

  7. Julie Madison also comes back in Matt Wagner’s Batman and the Monster Men and, especially, Batman and the Mad Monk, and was also a key figure in Dan Slott’s Batman Adventures run with Ty Templeton.

  8. Apparently, Superman actually traveled back in time and `convinced’ the founding father’s of Earth Prime to include the Second Admendment. He may have even actually been James Madison.

  9. this kinda reminds me of Zod gleefully shooting people with a machine gun in the TV cut of superman II.

    DUDE, YOU’RE KRYPTONIAN! You could do more damage than a bullet by spitting watermelon seeds!