Skullkickers #6 Is Out Today!



After months of self-promotion on my part, the wait is over: Skullkickers #6 is out in comic book stores today!

This issue acts as a break between story arcs — the first one just wrapped up and will be available in a $9.99 trade paperback soon — by offering up four standalone stories by four different creative teams! My story with the phenomenal artist Joe Vriens, “Blood Curse of the Amazombies” is actually the book’s lead, which I’m pretty proud of, considering that the other teams include Brian Clevinger, Ray Fawkes, and Adam Warren.

Here’s the first page:



Pick it up today at your local comic shop, and if you’re in Columbia, don’t forget that I’m doing a signing at Heroes & Dragons on Saturday from noon to 4 PM. If you’ve got any questions on it, give ’em a call at 803-731-4376 for more info.

3 thoughts on “Skullkickers #6 Is Out Today!

  1. I grabbed this today and, as much as I dug the rest of the stories in the book, I thought yours was absolutely the highlight. Plus you’re first, so really, it’s all downhill after Sims. Many congrats! Even more eagerly anticipating your Oni book now.

  2. I picked this up (out of fear of being part of those rounded up when the “haven’t read Chris Sims’ story in Skull-Kickers” witch hunts starts), and I quite enjoyed it. Congratulations, Mr. Sims.