23 thoughts on “So Then There Was the Time That the Spectre Rode a Giant Dinosaur Made of Fire

  1. Now THAT is a good comic book cover! That actually sincerely makes me want to go out and buy a Spectre comic just to find out what’s going on.


    Isn’t that during Ostrander’s run? And the interior was a clever morality play emphasizing the difference between revenge and justice…

    … and absolutely nothing at all to do with the Spectre and his fire dinosaur.

  3. I would so buy a poster of that.

    And it would be framed. In my living room. And I would DARE people to mock it, but they could not, for the metal is too much for their feeble monkey-brains to withstand.

  4. The fire dinosaur seems to be a part of the Spectre’s lower body. More than anything this reminds me of the phallic covers at Superdickery.com; Jim Corrigan was all sorts of nasty.

  5. *Lady Luck leads with her highest trump card”

    [flourish]VAGINA DENTATA[/flourish]

    *The Spectre counters with the wild card*

    [ROAR]Penisauras Rex[/ROAR]

  6. I have to agree with Scott here. It looks like the Spectre has been melded with a T-Rex. I guess he’s giving the T-Rex some help with grabbing stuff since the dino’s arms are hilariously small.

  7. That happened all the time on the Ostrander Spectre(probably my favourite run of all time). The covers only rarely reflected what actually happened in the issue. Usually they just let very good artists go nuts with the fact that the Spectre is a character you can draw doing basically anything (ao long as it’s at least a little terrifying)

  8. This is exactly how I picture God’s vengeance. Burning down entire cities with fire dinosaurs.

    (I also have this comic. But honestly…what halfway sane person walking through comics shop at the time wouldn’t have picked this up?)

  9. As an Angel of the Lord, The Spectre appears thusly on this cover just to remind us all that people riding dinosaurs was a sight commonly observed at the dawn of man, six thousand years ago. Amen.

  10. The Ostrander/Mandrake run on the Spectre ranks high in the annals of asskickery. But yeah, the covers could get pretty random.

  11. Even with all the exploding flames, the cover reminds me of an APOD. Can’t explain why.

    DH actually called it “fantasmagorical.”

  12. Flaming Dinosaur nunchuks.

    Good grief.

    The Spectre looks like he wants me to put my hand on the screen and be healed by the power of his flaming dino-crotch. It feels wrong.

  13. Maybe that’s not just some random dinosaur on fire. It could be the Human T-Rex Torch from the “Marvel Dinosaurs” universe. (They’ve done zombies and apes, why not dinosaurs?)