10 thoughts on “So Then There Was The Time…

  1. I will never, ever speak of anything that happened after that point in the evening.

    Except to a priest on my deathbed.

    In response to which the priest will more than likely vomit and give up the cloth.

  2. The Hard Ones Ashcan was great. I liked the look of it, such as the afro on the Dragon, the Lemme facial hair on Judah and the Hammer.
    Is that a modified Camaro? Maybe once the book is a hit, you could do a special issue with a whole back story on the car. Maybe you could work it into a regular timeline as well. I like the idea of the car being a character, ala General Lee or Kit.
    I really dig the art, but the humor is working very well too. I love funny books. Your book was humorous without being cheesy. The “food stamps’ comment was hilarious, because you knew that those dirty bastards wer about to get served. The panel with Dragon’s eyes ensures that you get the meaning of the comment. That was a great setup for a fight.
    You have the humor, art, and cool characters. If you can tug at the heart strings, you’ll have an all around invulnerable book. I think that’s also hard to do without being cheesy. Since Chad actually has a heart, you should lean on him for this one Chris.
    I can hardly wait for the first issue. I’m anxious to see what The Hammer can do. My first impression is that this book is fun to read.

  3. I prefer the mystery, because I can plug any Eisner nominees in at my whim, leading to some hi-larious combinations. Well, it will when I find out who the Eisner noms are this year, but still.

  4. Speaking of hilarious combinations; Complete Crumb vol. 1 snuck in to your Amazon sidebar. Right below it? Ultimate X-Men vol. 5. How’s that for diversity?

  5. I kinda like the mystery too. It’s just the image of Hickman throwing die that travels in time on every throw that is making me anxious.