Spooktoberfest Special: And Now…

A Brief Re-enactment of the Halloween Party Scene from
The Karate Kid, Starring the Cast of Jonah Hex #84:



The End



BONUS FEATURE: Behold! The Sims-O-Lantern!

Because really: What’s more terrifying for the local trick-or-treaters: A traditional triangle-eyed pumpkin face…





As faithful ISB readers might recall, the above image represents the second time that I’ve carved a pumpkin, and once again, I can highly recommend the pumpkin stencils at HomestarRunner.com, without which a Sims-crafted Bearshark O’Lantern would not have been possible.

16 thoughts on “Spooktoberfest Special: And Now…

  1. The only thing that would complete the bear holding a shark is if a king cobra eating a kitten were wrapped around the shark. Well, I guess that’s technically two things.

  2. That pumpkin reminds me of my (popular on Flickr) pattern from last year. Swap out a shark for a boom box and a John Cusack for a bear and you’re almost there.

  3. if it was possible to award a nobel prize for pumpkining, you would totally win that shit.

  4. Hi. I just found a pretty spooky image in another blog and I guess you’ve already seen it, but hey, maybe you haven’t.
    Is the superfreudian cover to Adventure Comics 420.

    Your new header image is awesome, by the way.

  5. This is the first time I’ve ever felt sorry for knife-wielding skeletons. Do they not know that’s Jonah Hex? Bearshark is awesome and also a timely reminder. Everyone thinks its funny to pit bears against sharks, but what happens when they decide to go all Marvel Two-in-One on humanity?

    All our worst nightmares come true, that’s what.

  6. That Bubs one could be quite terrifying if you angle the light right, although if I was going to do one it would probably be Homsar. It’s always fun searching for him in the Halloween cartoons.

  7. We carved a Marshie pumpkin one year. Those pumpkin patterns are awesome.

    The bear holding a shark is an excellent choice. Well done.

  8. What’s cool is if you imagine that the bear and the shark are allies, and the bear is getting ready to throw the shark at some bad guys.

  9. if john cusack was a bear and he wanted to win back his rich bitch oops i mean rich bear girlfriend he would totally do it with a shark