16 thoughts on “Spooktoberfest Special: Have Some Nightmare Fuel!

  1. Is that from the episode where Mindbender gives the Joes bad dreams, and they have to team up, Dream Master-style, to defeat him?

  2. I’m not sure but that does look like the Dream Warriors-like “Nightmare Assault” episode written by Marv Wolfman. My favorite is Low-Light having flashbacks to his screwed-up childhood where his dad kicked him out at night and wouldn’t let him back in unless he brought home dead rats he’d killed to prove that he wasn’t afraid of the dark. Man that’s messed up.

  3. I’ll say. Killing rats bare handed doesn’t prove you’re not afraid of the dark. It proves you’re not afraid of catching the potentially lethal Weil’s Disease.

    Also wolfman.

  4. “How do you feel about your son now, DAD?!”

    Actually, I remember that episode was one of the most disturbing to me as a kid.

    The one where Shipwreck’s wife and daughter turn out to be synthoids and point guns at him was out there too–that might be why they cut out that scene in rebroadcasts.

  5. What kind of last name is “Mindbender”, anyway? German? Talk about a name that guarantees you’ll grow up to be a supervillian. But then I guess he’d have a hard time making it as, say, an orthodonist.

  6. Oh my god! It’s the giant fire breathing specral head of Doctor Mind…

    Wait. This isn’t really working for me. Sure he’s odd looking but I’ve got freakier coworkers and I don’t even work at a secret paramilitary organization.

    Sorry Doc, you’ve got to be a lot more existential to horrify me.

  7. Oh, that’s Dr. Mindbender? Because for a minute there I thought it was my favorite fire-breathing mustachioed videogame character Karnov.

    Or maybe I just hoped it was.

  8. After playing Trio the Punch, a game where you have to fight an army of Karnoves (or whatever the plural of Karnov is), I don’t doubt this.