“Stan’s Back” Explained At Last!



Lately, a mysterious ad campaign centered on Stan Lee’s return to… something has been cropping up online, and as always, it’s fallen to me to find out just what they’re talking about.

So go read it, and then come back here and read the next paragraph.


Back? You read the article? Okay:

Guys, I am so, so sorry.


UPDATE: Today, the source code on StansBack.com was updated with the following secret message:

!-- Try again, Blog@Newsarama!
Very close, Robot6!
Very funny, Comics Alliance! --

At least someone appreciates me!

24 thoughts on ““Stan’s Back” Explained At Last!

  1. Sims,I love this blog,and I would never say anything bad about it or you.

    Please never do that again. :(

  2. It was worth it for learning about that catchy “VD? Not Me!” slogan.

    Well, maybe not “catchy.”

  3. Sims has already grown weary of the drudgery of paid, professional writing. He is burning his bridges, saying “take this job and shove it”, and returning to his artistic roots.

    Chris Sims, I applaud you. And no, you can’t crash on my couch, hippy.

  4. Speaking as a former editor, I’ve often seen thinner stories gone to print after you get past a certain page, as the ad rates were lower and the expectations for actual news nonexistent – the layouts were referred to as ‘Tetris’, because you were expected to find anything at all to fill the little gaps of copy between the ‘bigger’ stories.

    At last the internet is catching up with print media!

  5. Damn, I was hoping Stan was gonna be back with another one of those block-rockin’ beats. Well, maybe next time.

  6. so they accept ideas you come up with while hammered?

    you have the best job in the world, sir.

  7. The scary thing is, when I first saw another article wondering about these cryptic ads, Lee’s back was the first thing I thought of as well.

    I’m thinking like Chris Sims!!!

    Must. Get. Alcohol. Kill. Brain. Cells.

  8. And Lo, the vast Internet spoke with but One Voice; and it said: “Chris Sims has jumpethed over yon shark.”


  9. I thought it was an insightful quip at the ageism inherent within both the comics and cinema industries.

    But I am also drunk with the power that comes when one realizes Scott Pilgrim might have been written about him.

  10. That was cheesier (sp? is that even a word?) than anything Stan ever wrote. And he’s like a 100 years old. Still, I gotta applaud the fact that you got CA to pay for thos. Bravo, Chris!

  11. I have Stan’s word that these ads have nothing to do with his sacroiliac. Which is good, because there’s so many suckers on that thing, it’s like a rap sack backpack.

  12. My Stan Lee’s back and you’re gonna be in trouble
    (Hey la, hey la, my Stan Lee’s back)