18 thoughts on “Still Illin’

  1. It would probably be wrong to hope that you continue to be sick just to see what the next panel of a sick superhero you use might be, huh?

  2. Eeeeeww! That’s infectious lass’ costume? It looks like she’s covered in snot! Did she shove her arms up Colossol Boy’s nose?

  3. I can honestly I’ve never even dreamed of a plaid mucosal ensemble. Ah, the wonders of Silver (or is it Gold? I get my comic era metals mixed up) Age comics!

  4. I just loved the issue where she hit Ultra Boy with non-gonococcal urethritis. No one could draw cloudy discharge like Cockrum.

  5. Seems like Infectious Lass would have a pretty dangerous power, really. I mean, cold and flu, whatever. But would you want to mess with someone that could lay some leprosy down on you?

  6. I bought that issue when it came out and honestly did not understand why she would be rejected. Then again, it was only last week when I realized that those sleeve things she’s wearing were supposed to be snot.

  7. Why was she rejected? Because the LSH was full of a-holes. I mean they rejected Polar Boy for being powerful enough to take them all out if he wanted to. I mean looking back at some of the old siler-age stories with the LSH and SuperBoy in his own book, I see why EmoBoy Prime is written as being a total prick…

  8. LurkerWithout said:
    I mean they rejected Polar Boy for being powerful enough to take them all out if he wanted to.

    When did this happen?

    I have never actually read the Legion, and always assumed the Legion of Substitute Heroes were a pack of losers – as they were portrayed recently on the WB episode Avatar! called out. But seeing Infectious Lass just spanking Star Boy(?) and hearing that Polar Boy can take out the whole team makes me curious.

    Have a Great Day,
    Gary E. Poisson

  9. Sims has mentioned that polar boy has the power to freeze a volcano. But when he first applied to the Legion, all he did was give the ladies the shivers.

    Anyway, I wouldn’t want to get on Infectious Lass’ bad side(Does she even have a good side?)

  10. This is something of a disturbing parallel. Does this mean that Chris is tooling around in cosmic spandex? That may be worse than Infectious Lass’ snot-sleeved ensemble.

  11. I remember reading that episode mnay times as a kid! (You shoulda seen the other candidates — Porcupine Boy was hopeless!)

    And then there was that cool robot disguised as a superhero wannabe… you’ll just have to read the paperback.

  12. Those tiny little lines all over the floor and walls in the second panel are Porcupine Pete’s quills, which he fired in all directions at once.

  13. Wait a second… isn’t Karate Kid supposed to be sick of something (besides being in Countdown)? Infectious Lass + time travel = Great Disaster? Hey, maybe DC does plan their stories out ahead of time!