Suddenly — A CONTEST!

My relationship with the ISB’s cretinous readership has always been… well, I guess the polite term for it would be “adversarial,” but I try not to miss an opportunity to throw something back to you guys when I get a chance. That’s why tonight, I’m announcing a Special Contest!



A couple of weeks ago, the fine people at NerdyShirts asked if I wanted to host a giveaway, so here we are! So what do you have to do?

Simple: Just draw a picture of your favorite Action Age Comics character! You can go with one of mine (Solomon Stone, Minxy Flatbush, Ming Xi, Dorian DeWolfe, Killtron 3030, Exterminape, Penny Devlin and so on), one of Chad’s (Monster Plus, Danger Ace, Jon “Impossible” Raymond, and all the rest), or even one of the radical specialists of Awesome Hospital!

Just post your drawing on your website, blog, Flickr account, or Twitpic (or what have you) and leave a comment pointing at it in this post, but make sure to fill out the email address field of your comment so that I can contact you.

And if you’re not a great artist, don’t sweat it: The pictures don’t have to be great, so feel free to bust out the crayons or MSPaint, just as long as you put a little effort into it.

I’ll be picking an entry at random on Friday at 8 PM Eastern. The winner gets his or her choice of NerdyShirts… well, shirt, and that’s about all there is to it! So pick a drawing and get to it!

18 thoughts on “Suddenly — A CONTEST!

  1. Being an overseas cretin, I assume I fall foul of your pro-America anti-huge-postal-costs red tape.

    Therefore I have drawn a nude picture of Solomon Stone wearing Adidas shell toes dancing to Run’s House. And I’m not going to let you see it.

  2. I am legitimately confused as to why you consider the ISB readership to be “adversarial.” It’s true that I don’t read the comments for every post, but on the whole, they seem to be generally positive. Am I missing something?

  3. We are united by our love of awesome things, yes – but should Chris ever mention Dan Didio or Geoff Johns in a review, the veneer of civility falls away to be replaced by the cold dead heart of the True Internet. A hate machine that knows no joy.

  4. Here’s my scrappily drawn art. I’m better at drawing boxes, really.
    Ming Xi and Dorian. Questioning something really, really odd. No really, I have whole story and mystery set around this.

  5. Okay, by using a random number generator (Read: 8-sided die), I have selected a contest winner: Tim C!

    Congratulations, Tim! I’ll get in touch with you soon!