6 thoughts on “Summer Vacation! Day Four

  1. There’s something really impressive about this to me. I don’t know how many appearances the Joker had had by Batman #8, but I’m thinking not much more than 8. And back then, they only had like half-a-dozen colors so every bad guy wore purple or green or orange. But without seeing any of his face or anything, you can still tell that’s the Joker just by the body language. He’s not even wearing his tailcoat! But you still know it’s the Joker. That’s got to be a sign that you’re really on to something with a character.

  2. But you still know it’s the Joker.

    Actually, minus the skinny and the purple, he’s a dead ringer for Dick Cheney.

  3. So when Alex Ross claimes that Finger and Kane intended for the Joker to wear all black with subtle purple highlights, is this what he’s referring to(or is he just fan-wanky)? Because that’s pretty clearly an all-purple suit.

    Of course, Golden Age comics had no problems just coloring people’s clothes at random. Scan any background(if present) and you can see the most garish green and yellow and orange suits.

  4. Alex Ross is engaging in nothing more than fan-wankery. He’d be just as justified in claiming that the Joker’s hair was supposed to be black with green highlights.

    If The Joker’s suit was supposed to be black, it would look black or at least blue in some panels.

  5. The man’s a clown, not an undertaker, of all the random coloring choices of Golden Age characters, the Joker’s are LEAST likely to keep me up at night.