Movie Fighters Episode 6: Miami Connection


Of all the movies that we’ve been asked by listeners to take on at Movie Fighters, none have been as requested as 1988’s Miami Connection! Originally released in eight — yes, eight — theaters in central Florida, MC was a lost classic until it was re-released by the Alamo Drafthouse, and folks, it is a delight.

It’s available to watch on Netflix Instant if you want to experience along with us, as we take this week’s Movie Fighters to try to figure out just who (or what) the Miami Connection actually is, why the students of the University of Central Florida never bother to change their clothes, YK Kim’s clear insistence on method acting, and the rest of the (many) questions raised by John, Jim, Jack, Jeff and Jane.

Plus, I didn’t post about it because I was on my way to San Diego when it went up, but our last episode saw us wrestle with Hulk Hogan’s cinematic triumph, No Holds Barred! Fun fact: There are no actual holds in this movie to be barred, but there’s a lot of sweaty Kurt Fuller and Hulk Hogan’s digitally restored hairline to talk about.

Both episodes are available to download right now for a mere $1 each! Check ’em out, and make sure to send us suggestions on what to watch next!