Tarot #63 Explains What Breasts Are For



Lately I’ve been getting a few gripes from readers about how I don’t review Tarot anymore, and unlike Anita Blake — which I honestly had no idea was actually still coming out — there’s a reason for it: It hasn’t been all that interesting lately. I’m pretty sure the last two or three issues were an origin recap that was framed as a story about the origins of Tarot’s leather bikini, and while I’d be pretty interested in knowing why someone decided breast-spirals and perpendicular boot-spikes were the proper uniform of the Swordmaiden to the Goddess, that wasn’t really addressed.

The latest issue, however… is magnificent. So join me as I write up my thoughts on the mind-blowing events of Tarot #63, in which The Talent manages to work necrophilia, head-only lycanthropy, electric fishnets and a pretty thorough lack of commas into one amazing story!

8 thoughts on “Tarot #63 Explains What Breasts Are For

  1. The sword/guns are actually pretty cool. I wonder if Balent is going for a “Bayonetta”-esque effect?

  2. Didn’t Kraven the Hunter used to have some kind of electric beams that shot out of the “cat’s eye” pattern on his vest? Umm… right around his, err, nipples?

    Well… that’s what they’re there for.