Teenagers From The Future: Now On Sale



Teenagers From the Future, the collection of essays on the Legion of Super-Heroes that I contributed to that also features an introduction by Matt Fraction, is now on sale at Amazon, and I don’t think I’m overstating it to say that it is the single greatest book ever published in the English Language.*

If you like the Legion–or at least the way I write about them–you might want to pick it up, if only to see how I managed to contribute the least scholarly essay in the entire thing. Now get those royalties a-comin’, readers!


*: This may in fact be an overstatement. But for books of essays on the Legion of Super-Heroes, it’s not half bad.

11 thoughts on “Teenagers From The Future: Now On Sale

  1. Yes! Yes we do!

    (He says, emphatically).

    Also, Chris: You’re missing your Shameless Self-Promotion tag up there. ^_^

  2. A bunch of essays about different aspects of the Legion. Mine’s about the Legion Constitution and how it’s pretty much just officially sanctioned teenage cruelty, but there are other people who tackle different topics. Scipio Garling of the Absorbascon has one in there, and there’s an introduction by Pal of the ISB Matt Fraction.

  3. As a constant reader of both your site and the Legion, I don’t see how I can pass this up, even though it finances your continuing world domination.

    Waitaminute … this isn’t going to end up as a political contribution to Cobra Commander is it?

  4. What else is in the aforementioned book?

    Also I have two essays: one about generational cycles and the threeboot Legion, and one about diversity, evolution and the reboot Legion.

    I hope this news doesn’t put anybody off buying the book.

  5. Quite the opposite, you have a couple of sales here. :)

    I’ll also put up a pimplink next chance. Probably tonight when I do my ladies night catfight. Keep it light. Right? And so on.

  6. And I have an essay on Legion costumes and their correlation to real world fashion trends. Royalties!!!