Ten Batman Covers Mike Mignola Needs To Re-Draw



If you haven’t already seen it, Batman #700 is going to have a variant cover in which Mike Mignola re-draws Detective Comics #138, and while that’s awesome, why stop there? Today at ComicsAlliance, I’ve rounded up ten other covers I’d like to see him take a crack at, from the bizarre to the outright creepy!

3 thoughts on “Ten Batman Covers Mike Mignola Needs To Re-Draw

  1. Aliens took over his planet, but not him. Did they leave him free to give us the exposition? Couldn’t they have just commanded him to tell us what was happening?

    OH, wait… that’s Vichy Alien Dude.

  2. It’s actually Detective #168. I looked up #138 and thought it seemed like a strange choice to have Mignola re-do.