Ten Things Wikipedia Considers More Notable than Chip Zdarsky

Behind the scenes at Wikipedia, there’s a public debate raging over whether or not comics creator, humorist and ISB favorite Chip Zdarsky is notable or not, so today at the Comics Alliance, I’ve taken the liberty of compling ten facts with unquestionable cultural significance, culled from Wikipedia itself.

Click over to CA to enjoy it, but please: if you choose to wade into the soul-crushing ten-thousand-word article on Lightsaber Combat–a piece of work that narrowly edges out that one video about Animal Crossing to become the saddest thing on the Internet–you might want to have a stiff drink handy.

15 thoughts on “Ten Things Wikipedia Considers More Notable than Chip Zdarsky

  1. In fairness, the way the article is written is fairly begging to be dismissed as a gag.

  2. Yeah, I agree.

    Of course, I’m biased – seeing as how I had a wikipedia entry that was created mostly as a joke and then vandalized by Scott Kurtz before being removed because somehow, they don’t consider comic-book critics who have been published by three different websites to be “notable”.

  3. Might be a better comparison if most of the items in this list had their own articles, like that lightsaber one. Oy.

    I thought the notability requirement was just to keep people from posting articles about their pets and whatnot.

  4. Didn’t delve into the lightsaber combat article but dear God, I think my brain wanted to escape my skull when I was reading the Tarot article. (Especially the Bleeding Man section. GAAAAH!)

  5. This is usually how knock-off Wikis get started. ToCarHuWiki, the Toronto Cartoonist/Humorist Wiki.

  6. And someone over in the article comments compares Chip to a dead bug. Metaphorically, of course.

  7. Are we talking about the Animal Crossing video where he sings the virgin with rage song to the tune of “I Want It That Way”?

  8. Quality of the article and articles like it are the dead bugs. I’m sure he or she has nothing against Chip Zdarsky…probably. Tell me this: Is he a gracious tipper? What about his mannerisms as a house guest?