Terrible Sketches From HeroesCon 2013!

If you’ve been reading the ISB for a while, then you already know that Chad and I have a gimmick when we hit conventions: We do terrible sketches for a dollar each. We advertise them as being terrible, we make it clear we’re not artists, we even show them examples of work we’ve done in the past, and yet, people keep asking for them — which is great, because they’re a lot of fun. So, since we’re all back now, here are the Terrible Sketches I did at HeroesCon this year!

Michael wanted Batroc (and because I try to do them without reference, I got the color of his cowl wrong. I think I nailed the high points, though):


Rachel wanted Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen:


Aubrey asked for anything from Arrested Development:


I unfortunately didn’t write down the name of the person who asked for Patrick McGoohan from The Prisoner:


Will wanted Jim Cornette Yelling At A Woman At Dairy Queen (this one might require some explanation):



Luke wanted Ghost Rider:


Greg wanted Dr. Strange:


Finally, someone paid five bucks for the original roster of Batman and the Outsiders! (note: I forgot what I was doing so the Metamorpho actually says ERS!):


Thanks for asking, folks! Hope you enjoy the awful!

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